31 July, 2012

Oversized and charitable

Me: 1 - Jumper- Marks and Spencer (via Charity Shop), 2 - Shirt, Shoes and Necklace - Topshop, Leggings - Miss Selfridge

Outfit Lightbulb: Chunky Knit Jumper with Shirt Collar (1 & 2)/ Longish cycle shorts with Lace trim (previously seen in H&M)/ Grandad Sandals see HERE/ Leather look backpack (Primark do a great one)/ Red lips, hoopla earrings and a casual trip to meet friends - Lavely 

Bare with me until my photos become a little more acceptable. I have an excuse. I have a Blackberry phone that doesn't take fantastic pictures (I haven't qualified for an I-phone yet) and my memory card has broken in my camera (anyone know you're meant to format before using - nope me neither) so I can take a maximum of three pictures - perfect.

This necklace was £5 in the Topshop sales (from £20 - what a steal). I bought this jumper on a charity shop spree last week. I also purchased a denim shirt (Zara) and an unbranded brown clutch which, at £1.79, I was fairly happy with. I was hoping to wear this jumper as a dress but (as much as I like short things) it could have proved a little offensive to the eye of another. I chose to pair the jumper with the shirt and some old-ish leggings. On reflection I realise that it looks like a 'stud-monster' has thrown up on my shoes and the studs have splattered up my legs. The only advice I would give when charity shopping is to go as often since you never know when little gems have been shipped in. I have heard that Oxfam's online store put the new stock up on Tuesday's. This could be a handy tip since you could get first pick. Well, go on then - if it's for a good cause..


We can go brighter than the sun

Me: Skirt - Zara (not online but still in stores), Top & Necklace - Topshop, Wedges - H&M

I previously posted about wanting to wear something 'geeky-ish' to my Graduation in order to celebrate 4 years of exams, coursework and revision. See HERE. This requirement combined with a pinch of jealously following Alexa Chung being spotted in a tweed dark blue skirt at Haute Couture Fashion Week I was a 'man (read: women) on a mission'.  I stumbled across this beauty in Zara. I love the contrasting panals on the skirt and was felt it fit the bill perfectly. I scouted out this shirt from Topshop - I decided upon this one after trying on about 5082 other ones since it was delicate but not see through. The bow-tie necklace was a nice contribution to the 'nerd' theme. It was £12.50 which was a bit pricey but I felt Graduation was a good enought excuse. I was excited to see the dresses at Graduation and the girls did not dissapoint. I very much enjoyed seeing a good mix of floaty-dresses from In Love With Fashion along with dark structured dresses and pencil skirts paired with cream peplum tops.

Have a great day.


30 July, 2012

Inspire a generation

1.Me: Jacket, T-Shirt, Jeans & Shoes - Topshop

A day out watching the hockey at the Olympics proved to be exciting. I know nothing of the rules in hockey - or how many players make a team, how long a match is etc etc. When players fouled an opposing player the song 'Trouble' by Pink was instantly blasted out - this made me enjoy the games immensely. I loved the whole buzz of the games by Strafford Station and have consequently been shamelessly bitten by the 'Olympic Bug'.  Here is a picture of the Australians and South Africans preparing for the match - watching this match was incredibly easy on the eyes, as you can imagine....

I was unaware until posting this picture that my entire outfit is from Topshop, how very imaginative of me...! The other night in London (after a few glasses of wine) I discovered that Topshop (on Oxford Street) was open until 10pm. This was an incredible fact. I really love this jacket. I feel as though it is the perfect combination of the military 'trend' and the leather look. My (slightly drunken) reasoning for purchasing this jacket was that the sooner I bought it, the more I could wear it. Once the alcohol had left my bloodstream I decided that my intoxciated logic for purchasing the jacket was completely justified. So I kept it.


27 July, 2012

Toothpaste Kisses

Me: Dress - Urban Outfitters, Shoes & Socks - H&M

Please excuse the cheesy hearts in the bottom picture - I had just worked out how to add effects using Picassa. I feel hours of fun coming on.....

I purchased this dress for a wedding last year for £65 from Urban Outfitters. I thought that was fairly expensive so I was determined to wear it casually/formally/weddingy (?!) so I could justify this amount. I definitely have worn it so much that it must been under £2 per wear which is bloomin brilliant if you ask me! I wore my H&M platforms (with socks so they didn't cut my feet apart like the last time I wore them.)
I bought these platforms since I saw a friend had the dalmatian print brothel creepers from Topshop (which were £105) and I was an insanely jealous, poor friend. H&M was as expensive as I could go so I searched the H&M's for the next best thing. I love the 'clumpiness' of them.  I have noticed that a high-top version of this shoe seem to be circulating the high street now - I posted about them HERE.

Today I went to get foundation from Boots which I don't get massively excited about. I am rubbbiish at doing my hair and make-up. It's not unusual for me to look in the mirror half-way through the day and noticing I have put an insane amount of bronzer on one cheek...classy. I browsed around H&M, Topshop etc and I did notice that either I am getting a lot poorer or Primark are sneakily (or not so sneakily) putting their prices up - dresses now seem to be £15 whilst jackets seem to be £25!? Still can't resist trying everything on and justifying that turquoise, cropped, tropical shirt - everyone is wearing it, right?!

P.S. Check out my amateur, blogging tripod to take my pictures...

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26 July, 2012

Urban T-Shirts and Concrete Dreams

1,2,3: T-Shirts: Urban Outfitters Sale (£10 or £15)!

Outfit Lightbulb: Quirky T-shirt (3)/ Classic Levis Cut-Offs/ Platform Trainers (e.g. HERE)/ Slouchy Satchel /Reddish Lips with hot hair in a Top-Knot

Today's outfit was similar to yesterday since I'm seriously slacking in the shorts department and I am secretly drawn to all the winter clothes in shops at the moment. Instead of a shirt (like yesterday) I wore an Urban Outfitters t-shirt with the slogan 'New York: Concrete Jungle'. I was looking after children all day so comfort was important. We went to Postman Pat World at Longleat. One of the babies wobbled out of Postman Pats shop with a handful of goods whilst the shop attendant didn't batter an eye-lid. If I could get away with this kind of behaviour in Topshop, if only.

The 'Concrete Jungle' t-shirt was from the Urban Outfitters sale which I have always been a massive fan of since it is not unusual for them to discount some stunning t-shirts that were previously £28. I find in some shops that the sale items looks as though they were never sold in the shop, that the items have been shipped in purely to satisfy those bargain hunters. Urban Outfitters sale never disappoints. I have compiled a few of my favourite bargain t-shirts from the website - they're are many more. Happy hunting.


25 July, 2012

Just because I'm Nerdy

1. Me: Shirt - Topshop, Top (underneath shirt) - H&M, Shorts - Charity shop, Platforms - H&M
2. Socks - Primark

The fact that the post is named after the band Busted is 'Nerdy' in itself. Today I had to wear these shorts since they are the only ones I own that are acceptably 'long' enough to wear to the shops. I wore these platform shoes which rubbed so I ended up covering the back of my heels in plasters which only added to the 'geekiness' of the outfit.

It's a sad time in ones unemployed life when Primark socks cause excitement. I could not resist these socks that came as a pack of 3 and since they were a mere £2 they were basically being given away. I feel like they relate to the theme of this post but I have no idea when I will be able to show them off. I'm determined to find a way...watch this space!


24 July, 2012

Summer Dreams

From Top Left (Clockwise):

 1. Dress - Missguided (£15.19)
 2. Me: Skirt - Charity shop, Top - H&M
 3. Jumper - Topshop (£15) 
 4. Runner Shorts - Topshop (£15) 
 5. Dress - H&M - (£7.49)    

Outfit Lightbulb: Runner style shorts (4)/ Block-coloured baggy t-shirt/ Grandad sandals found HERE/ Those fave gold earrings from Pat/ Satchal / [For the cooler evenings: Throw on the casual jumper (3)  for the 'no effort' look.]
Wowsers - we've finally made it to summer, better late than never, ey?

This is what I wore today. There are a few problems with this picture:
1. Those hanging up ribbons (whatever they are called) are coming out and that's not cool...!
2. I realise I look bigger than the house in the background. I am not, in fact, this tall/large in reality. We were sunbathing on a balcony a few stories up and the (not so attractive) angle of the picture cleverly instigates that I am bigger than a house. Great.

It's not a spectacular outfit but, truth be told, I struggle when it is sunny in this country so I stick on an old comfy skirt and a small top in order to cope. I'm going to have to come up with some more original outfits as I heard this weather is here to stay until the weekend. I have also compiled a few effortless summer staples - and they come guilt-free since they are all sales items.

Hope everyone is well and all sunbathed out.

P.S: Is it unacceptable that I want to buy all the gorgeous tweed/leather/cosy coats in Topshop when it's finally this weather we've all been waiting for....?

19 July, 2012

Baby, You're a Firework...

From Top Left (Clockwise):
1. Crop Top - Fairground
2. Me: Shorts - Urban Outfitters/ Top - H&M
3. Headband - River Island
4. Me: Dress - Warehouse/ Bag - Vintage/ Shoes - Faith
5. Me: Dress & Shoes - Urban Outfitters / Coat - Topshop
6. Dress - River Island
7. - Dress - ASOS
8. Dress - Fairground
Outfit Lightbulb: Crop Top (1)/ Denim, High-waisted shorts (2)/ Flatforms or Trainers/ Chunky Gold Necklace/ Top-Knot Hair and a dose of Sunshine
Yep, the inevitable has happened. I went to see Katy Perry: Part of Me and now I want to be her. I’ve spent the day assessing how acceptable it is to dye my hair a washed out shade of pink with a tint of grey and purchase a kitten simply to name him/her ‘Kitty Purry’. Rather than dive head first into such extremities I have searched into the corners of the internet for ‘conservative(ish)’ Katy Perry attire.  Regarding my brown hair situation – I could always buy a different coloured wig for each day of the week couldn’t I...?
Forgive me – upon looking back at the collage above I realise the pictures of Katy Perry’s head are a little bit creepy! Hoping one will see the ‘fun side’ and see that I am simply testing the waters by introducing the blue hair into my daily wardrobe gently and with caution. 
Fairground is an online retailer that specialises in ‘uber-cool’, brightly coloured dresses/skirts/tops etc. When I first stumbled across it I immediately thought of that Jessie J/Katy Perry vibe that causes controversy and excitement wherever they go. Take a look at their structured, colourful and wonderfully eccentric pieces that can easily be integrated into our everyday wardrobes.  Have fun!

[The Katy Perry pictures are taken from Here, Here and Here]

18 July, 2012

‘Summer/Winter’ Wear – If you will...

        From Top Left (Clockwise):
   1. Skirt - American Apparel
2. Dress - AX Paris (Online or New Look)
3. Jumper - Topshop 
4.  Chunky Cardigan - H&M
5. Earrings - Topshop
6. Shoes - Topshop
7. Hat - Topshop

Outfit Lightbulb: Summer Dress (2) /Oversized Cardigen (4) /Mary-Jane Shoes (6), Paired with black socks /Bowler Hat (7) /Big-tastic earrings (5) /Messy Hair and Red lips 

The seasons have been muddled and jumbled in England this year. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to dress weather appropriately – attempting to incorporate those summer dresses (bought when imagining my golden tan) whilst remaining true and suitable to the grey situation that is on the opposite side of my bedroom window as I gaze out every morning – still hopeful. Britain remains in this ‘in-between’ phase where simply a summer dresses will get a look of horror and murmurings under breaths about how ‘she must be mad/cold’ and winter coats send out the message of lost hope – summer will never arrive. Whilst unemployed and ‘enjoying’ the good old British weather I have conjured a collection of versatile pieces that will hopefully see us through. But you have to wear them with your fingers crossed and wishing that a heat wave is brewing.  


17 July, 2012

Put some new shoes on....you know the rest

From Top Left (Clockwise):
1. Embellished Skirt - River Island
2. Midi Dress - River Island
3. Super High Shoes - Office
 4. Skirt - H&M
5. Satchel - Topshop
6. Denim Dress - Topshop  

Outfit Light-bulb: Embellished Skirt (1)/Oversized(ish) Scruffy Grey T-shirt/Beautiful Shoes (3)/Satchel (5)/Smoochy Red Lips
I have recently finished university. Up until now I always knew what to do or where to go. Now I don’t.  I don’t want to make the wrong decision and end up doing something I regret – but I guess if you don’t try you’ll never know, ey?  So I’m going to buckle up and live by those wise words of the incredible Sarah Jessica Parker. Thinking about it, Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t embark upon her new found freedom without a bunch of new impeccable dresses paired with inappropriately high heels would she?

16 July, 2012

Geek at Graduation...

From Top Left (Clockwise):
1. Shirt - H&M
2. Skirt - Topshop
3. Dress - Urban Outfitters
4. Shirt - Miss Selfridge
5. Watch - Urban Outfitters
5. Shoes - River Island

A weekend wasted. I have literally just recovered from my night out on Friday. I am never drinking again...famous last words. The past 2 days have consisted of ringing round friends to assess the damage, feeling dreadfully sorry for myself and finally eating my weight in crisps in a poor attempt to recover.  Today is a new day. Time to put the regret and embarrassment of Friday behind me...it happens to the best of us, right?!
‘Onwards and upwards’. Next week is my Graduation so I am on the hunt for a cheap and lovely dress. It’s a dress that is going on be displayed (underneath the gown) on my kitchen wall for a while so it really has to do me justice.  I’ve been thinking of a tweed skirt/sheer cream blouse combo. I want to do the whole ‘geeky-ish’ trend since it is a celebration of 4 years of exams after all.
Hope those who are attending a Graduation are taking full advantage of the spending 'needed' for the perfect outfit.

10 July, 2012

The Girl with the Dragen Tattoo

From Top Left (Clockwise):

1. Shorts - Urban Outfitters - £32
2. Dress - Beyond Retro - £24
3. Jacket - Topshop - £90
4. Hi-Top Trainers - Topshop - £28
5. Shorts - Urban Outfitters - £45
6. T-Shirt - H&M - £12.99

After reading the amazing 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' I decided I wouldn't mind the tattoo myself and perhaps I would make an attempt to begin breaking codes. I am guilty of seeing a film and immediately aspiring to become the heroine. I'm going to see Katy Perry in 3D this week so no doubt that by the weekend I'll be accessorising with sweets and my hair will be a beautiful blue colour...!

I realise that in the 'Dragon Tattoo' books/film the character Lisbeth is fairly extreme and her look probably isn't one I could carry of comfortably. I have put together a collection of 'Dragon' inspired pieces that I would feel comfortable in without causing my family to believe October the 31st has come early this year.

Have a great day!

Lots of Love,

H x

03 July, 2012

I'm just a girl...

Cut off Levi's: Urban Outfitters
Dark Blue Dress: Urban Outfitters
Pink Skirt: River Island
White Lace Top: Dorethy Perkins (actually a dress)
Leapord Print Top: Topshop (actually a skirt)
Sheer Cream Shirt: Urban Outfitters
White Jumper: Topshop
Blue Shirt: HnM

A few snaps from my holiday - blimey I am missing it only 24 hours after touch down in London town. I love the print on the blue t-shirt worn with the cut-off shorts. I purchased the t-shirt from a chairty shop for £2 - what could be more satisfying than this guilt-free bargin beauty!? The flowery skirt was also purchased from a charity shop for £3 - which depressingly my boyfriend had to buy for me since it was the end of term and my final 50 pence had recently been spent on pasta.

Noticably a high-street girl at heart. I am still on that mission to bring something fresh and new but who can stray away from the Great British highstreet...we are lucky ladies here in the UK!

Hope everyone is enjoying the wettest June on records here in the UK.....when is the next flight to Greece?!

Truck loadsa love,

H.S x
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