31 August, 2012

Glitter all over the room

Top: Boots - Schuh, Dress - Motel via Cult (old)
Bottom Left: Shirt - Zara, Leggings - Miss Selfridge, Jumper - Charity shop, Bag - H&M
Bottom Right - T-Shirt and Skirt - H&M (you know the one), Shoes - River Island, Bag - Market stall in Greece

As I have spoken about previously, I broke my camera. I have been "borrowing" my dad's but now he has (inconsiderately) gone on holiday. This explains the lack of posts this week and it also accounts for the pretty bloomin awful quality of these pictures. In a moment of desperation I bought a Fun Flash (yup, you know the disposable ones from Boots that we bought when we were 12) and asked my boyfriend to take some pictures randomly last weekend/over this week. I got the pictures developed and straight away vowed to myself that I would buy a camera this weekend - this cannot continue! Anyway, here are a few of the snaps if you can see them  - turns out that the (fun) flash on the camera is a pretty rubbish (fun) flash. I did (secretly) enjoy the excitement of not knowing what the pictures were going to be like until developation (definitely just made that word up) though.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - I am going to London but will be back Sunday (with a camera in tow).


28 August, 2012

Sing it for the girls

Skirt - H&M, Shirt - Zara, Jumper and Bag - Charity Shop, Boots - Schuh

I am completely in love with this skirt. Apologies, I only posted about it a few days ago! I'm guilty of buying something and wearing it to death in about 4 weeks so expect a few more sequin infested appearances. A friend of mine is in a band and tonight they need lots of girls to do chanting/backing vocally type of thing. I have emphasised many a times that I truly cannot hold a tune. I am nervous for the moment he realises that when I said I couldn't sing/chant in tune, I actually meant it - how will he break the (not so unexpected) news to me. Oh well, I guess I'll find out in a few hours. Wish me Luck.


27 August, 2012

Sunshine and Showers

Dress (Worn as a skirt)  - River Island, Bag, T-Shirt, Rings and Shoes - H&M, Sunglasses - Topshop

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! It has been a weekend of every weather scenario imaginable - well, we just need a bit of snow tonight then I think that would cover it. I haven't been up to a lot this weekend. I went out for a few drinks, went on a few walks and caught up with (ahem, quality) TV such as X-Factor, The Bachelor and Eastenders. Due to the varying temperature conditions I wore a dress, rain-proof (ish) shoes and socks with a jumper, a raincoat and some sunglasses shoved into my bag. When is the consistently bad British weather coming so where we all know where we stand....?

Hope everyone has had the most wonderful 3 days of whether you went to Notting Hill carnival, Reading/Leeds festival or you simply stayed at home and drank lots of tea and caught up on all the gossip/TV etc (like me).


25 August, 2012

Hearts and Crosses

Jacket & Shirt - Topshop, Trousers - Oasis, Shoes - Clarks, Tights - H&M

Apologies, this outfit is coming to you a day late. I intended to post the pictures yesterday but ended up going out for a lot of Malibu and Cokes at last minute - I am not complaining since it was a fun evening. I made a mistake today. I liked Topshop on Facebook. This is something I have been trying to avoid for a while since I knew that if I 'liked' them then I would receive information about sales/new-ins/general goodness from Topshop. It has started already - I just logged on to Facebook and already I have been unconsciously conned into going straight to their website to view their 'Daily Fix' more closely.  In a momentary lapse where my hand and my head weren't synchronised my monthly salary has been wishfully spent. Once I'd 'Liked' Topshop I thought I've made the mistake so I might as well continue so I went on to 'like' ASOS, logical right?! Here is my own (in the words of Topshop) 'Daily Fix' from ASOS:

Does anyone else feel that 'liking' shops on Facebook is lethal?

Hope everyone is having a great bank holiday weekend.


22 August, 2012

Sequins on Skirts

Me: Skirt - H&M, Bag & Jumper - Chairty Shop, Boots, Schuh

I purchased this sequined skirt from H&M last week. I was tres excited since I have been dreaming of sequins on skirts ever since I first set my eyes on them in All Saints all those years back. I occasionally wonder into All Saints (mainly to look/touch the skirt that should own) and after looking around for 5 minutes I am reminded that I can't afford such luxeries...one day, one day. Anyway, back to the H&M skirt - I paired it with the ol' oversized, knit jumper to make the look more casual for a mid-week cocktail with a friend. Initially I was concerned this skirt was a bit much for a Wednesday but if sequins like this won't get you through the working week what will, ey?

Happy mid-week everyone!


21 August, 2012

Blonde Fox's and Empty Purses

 Me: Jacket - EBay, Skirt, t-shirt & small rings - H&M, Large ring - Market Stall, Bag - Charity Shop, Boots - Schuh

I went to work with an appropriate outfit on but covered it with a (potentially) inappropriate army jacket/shirt. I suspect that the corporate cats in the office thought I had taken a wrong turning on the way to the local barracks. But I love it. I took the jacket off when at work to reveal the pretty plain skirt/t-shirt combo. I realise that this skirt has featured a lot in this blog over the past few weeks. On reflection I should have done the post 'One Skirt - One million ways' but I suppose this is what I wore today so it's what I should share.

After work I got caught on ASOS Market Place and blimey, it is possible to spend hours on that site. I came across a few vintage boutiques. One of which was called Blonde Fox and if you like vintage clothes I would definitely recommend it - I am a bit in love with a jumper that I envisage wearing in the winter with skinny jeans, boots and a shirt - see here.  Always have to be quick when a vintage gem is found since once things are gone, they're gone for good. Excuse me,  I better get back on ASOS market place...!


20 August, 2012

The Denim Wall

Me: Shirt - Zara, T-shirt, skirt & rings - H&M, Boots - Schuh, Large Ring - Market Stall, Phone Case - EBay

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I went to London. I had planned to go shopping but it was unexpectedly hot and I had an accidental hangover so my day did not go as planned - but it was levely, nevertheless. It was another bloomin hot day today so after work I was craving loose clothing. I got this denim shirt from a charity shop (originally from Zara) and I hadn't worn it yet but I quite like the colour of it. I had been looking for a denim shirt for a while (to say I was a bit late on the denim bandwagon would be an understatement) but I am so fussy sometimes - the more I look, the more I expect from a piece of clothing. I stumbled across this is Oxfam and since it was for charity I had to buy it - I'm nice like that ;)

Had to get my new phone case in today since my friend gave me a cassette player phone case that didn't fit her phone. Apologies for the shameless 'holding my phone' photo.


17 August, 2012

Looking out for a Star Girl

Me: Coat and Shirt - Topshop, Skirt and Rings - H&M, Boots - Schuh

This is my 5th working day at my new job and initially I was worried that the boots with socks and the (casual-ish) jacket would be too laid back for the office but at lunch time I was in the queue behind a girl who was completely rocking leather shorts, an oversized, knit jumper and leopard print creepers (she looked super cool) - suddenly my outfit felt a little up-tight! After 5 days I have come to the conclusion that most wear smart clothes but you can get away with anything, suits me fine.  

I actually got this skirt from a charity shop (originally from H&M) and I quite like the smart look of it pair with 'not so smart' boots and socks.

I am away in London this weekend so I probably won't be able to post tomorrow but come Sunday I'll be back and ready for a new week.

Have a great weekend everyone.


16 August, 2012

It's a steal

Me: Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Jumper - Topman, Shirt - Topshop, Rings and Bag - H&M, Boots - Schuh

I managed to quickly take some pictures (with my brother's camera) before I head round to a friends for a mid-week catch up accompanied with wine - I must remember it's Thursday and I work Fridays now. I am repeating in my head:  I must not drink too much wine, I must not drink too much wine...if I write it enough maybe I'll remember it....

I just threw on these shorts and a big jumper (men's jumper) that a shirt that I wore to work today with my overworn boots.

Hope everyone has had a great day and thank you so much for comments that people have previously left - they make me so happy!


15 August, 2012

#1 Scrapbook to heaven

I've reached a new low in my photography career. Yesterday I was hungry and at a restaurant. The pizza was paraded out, I spun around to look at it and flung my camera on the floor. R.I.P. So I'm camera-less for today but I am hopeful that I can steal one from a family member tomorrow if necessary. For this reason I thought I would (digitally) throw together my 'scrapbook to heaven' i.e. 10 items of clothing/accessories that I can't afford but it doesn't mean I am not dreaming of them. Here we go:

In an orderly fashion I have started with a Topshop product. I have a jacket similar to this (see HERE) but I just cannot get enough of the versatility and ease of a military jacket. Guaranteed to be thrown on and make anything from a lace dress to your scruffiest jeans look super-duper.

                          I recently tried this dress on in River Island, looked at it, memorised it then gave it back to the shop assistant since I had a tenner on me. It's such a nice fit and I don't think this picture does it justice. I picture wearing it to work with winter, woolly tights, black boots with socks and maybe an chunky-knit cardigan for the walk down the hill. An investment? I think so.

The same day I went to River Island with a tenner was the same day I spotted this beauty. It's luxuriously soft but at the same time it is a comfortable 'smart-ish' blazer. I could wear it to work without feeling as though I was rocking the 80's shoulder pads. Another item causing me to get an advancement on that snugly, winter feeling I picture wearing it with those black skinny jeans, an oversized sheer shirt and a massively, oversized knitted scarf.


As a late-comer on the flatform band-waggon I am now excited for all things flat and comfy. I imagine myself walking (or running, we have a choice with flatforms) around pairing these lovelies from ASOS with a short-ish, cream, lace dress, leggings, inexcusable bed-head hair and red lipstick.

I am drawn to all things 'geeky'. I adore the tweed look with the leather handle. I am envisioning 'clutching' onto this in the winter with a big ol' coat, gloves, black skinny trousers and boots. My geekiest thought when stumbling upon this on the ASOS website...where would I put my lunch box?

After seeing Sara Luxe's post filled with all sorts of goodness from the launch of Agyness Deyn's collaboration with Dr Martin I eagerly went straight to their website. This was a mistake in itself. I imagine this t-shirt with scruffy leggings, a camouflaged jacket (see HERE) and overused creepers. I fell in love with everything on the website and I couldn't choose one item for my 'scrapbook'.......

...So I didn't. I love the chunky shoes about at the moment. I just can't get enough. Mr Marten - what have you done to me? I imagine these shoes with the oversized t-shirt above or with a floaty dress, shirt peeking out and socks. Maybe I'll have to get my mum to take a picture of me to put in the 'first day at school' album.

Whenever I go into the Oxford Circus Topshop I always find myself in the white,clean area that is Boutique. It's one of those areas where I have to check my hands are clean before I touch things as the area is infested with pieces that can only be described as beautiful. I am hopelessly in love with this dress. The strength of my love has been confirmed after seeing Lily from LLYMLRS modelling it today. It look amazing. Ohh gawdd - there goes the first £85 of my paycheck.

Enough of the expensive things I can't afford. This is from the H&M + size section. I tried on a size 18 and thought that it looked cool as a sheer dress. Paired with a leather jacket, tights, boots and too much jewellery this top could be one of those 'throw on and go' purchases with a guilt-free price tag. What's not to love?


Finally, you can't go wrong with this black dress from Monki. I often have days where I helplessly gaze into my wardrobe especially when looking for (appropriate-ish) work wear. I think this dress ticks both the work/casual boxes. For work I would keep it fairly simply but when it comes to 5pm I would grab a military jacket, put too many rings on my fingers and slip on some super-high flatforms.

Anyway, if anyone made it to the end of this long post THANK YOU so much for reading. I hope the new kind of post was okay and usual blogging will resume when I can steal a camera (from a family member, of course!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday.

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