28 September, 2012

American Poet

T-shirt and Skirt - H&M, Jumper - Next, Ring - Ebay, Boots - Schuh

Another day with the same jumper, sorry about that. I am wearing this for a little trip to the pub tonight but I'm not drinking since I am doing a run at the weekend meaning I should be avoiding any drink with a percentage. I am looking forward for my mid-week Cosmopolitin next week! I bought this t-shirt in the H&M menswear sale last week (I don't like to discriminate and browse just in the womenswear section) for 4 squids which I thought was a bit of a bargain. I love the casual-ness of it and I am hoping to get a lot of wear from it. Since it is getting a bit colder these autumn evenings I took my new Next cable knit jumper to keep me cosy! Happy Friday :)!!


27 September, 2012

Khaki Jumper and silk skirts

Dress, Small ring & Shoes - H&M, Jumper - Next, Larger ring - Ebay

Hi there! I wore this after work today. I got the jumper from Next for £32 squids yesterday - I have been after a Khaki jumper for a while so I was quite happy when I spotted this one. The larger ring was a pack of 3 from Ebay and it said they were adjustable but they are definitely not so I've taken to wear one half way down my finger - hopefully it looks as though that's how it's meant to be...! It's another 'dress down for a pound' day at work tomorrow so I think I will wear this jumper, a shirt (naturally), jeans and black flatforms. Then it's the weekend, yipppeee :) I am hoping to hit the charity shops in Bristol again as I had a greaattt time the other weekend when doing similar! Hope you're all feeling good and giddy for the weekend ahead!


25 September, 2012

Candy Floss Jumpers

Jeans, Shirt & Jacket - Topshop, Jumper & Shoes - H&M, Bag - Charity shop

On Saturday I went into H&M after seeing some super glamorous adverts on the box showcasing Lana del Rey's new collection. I couldn't see the amazing, fluffy, pale pink jumper she is sporting in the advert but I walked out with this extra pink and snugly jumper for £19.99. I normally shy away from obvious colours but I felt that if I toned it down with some grungy colours I might just be able to avoid looking like a stick of candy floss. I had a 'team building' day at work today which meant I was able to wear 'non-school uniform' but I tried to bear in mind that I was still going to work and perhaps my gold sequin skirt or mini-mini red velvet skirt weren't appropriate - so I stuck with jeans!
Hope everyone has had a great day :)


23 September, 2012

Passion for Fashion

I have finally completed my MoneySupermarket.com competition entry - it's in for tomorrow so really left it until the last minute but I guessed better late than never, ey!? There were 5 categories of which an outfit had to be created for less than £200. So, after many hours searching into the corners of the high-street on the Internet I have created the following outfits:  

The First Date

I am not the kind of girl that has been asked on 50 first dates so I am fairly unaware of how to 'dress to impress' date-wise. I am in love with this Urban Outfitters dress and feels it displays just the right amount of skin. As much as I love skyscraper heels on a date I would be too nervous in case I was to fall (quite likely) so these ASOS flatforms are the perfect combination of height and safety. And then there is the massively, oversized clutch bag - well, where else would I put my overfilling make-up bag?

Dress: Urban Outfitters - £85
Flatforms: ASOS - £34 (were £40)
Oversized Clutch -  £15 (was £20)
Rings - Topshop: £8.50
Nail Varnish - Barry M: £2.99

Total = £145.49

The Party

 I based this outfit round the River Island blazer. I saw it in the shops and fell in love with it. I think it has a 60's feel to it so I paired it with a black dress, nude nails and flick of liquid eyeliner. The Urban Outfitters bag has a retro look to which adds to the (hopefully) 60's feel. I love the flatform/wedge heel on the shoes - they certainly look 'dancer friendly' which is an added bonus!

Dress: Motel  - £45
Jacket: River Island - £50
Shoes: Office- £45
Bag : Urban Outfitters - £34
Rings: ASOS - £8
Nail Varnish: Topshop - £5
Liquid Eyeliner: Topshop - £8

Total = £195

The Casual Outfit

I have been in love with this Topshop Boutique dress ever since I laid my little eyes on it so I had to incorporate it into this competition some how. I wanted to pair this dress with some clumpy, black boots but after a thorough search of the virtual world this proved to be expensive with a little number of pairs being offered for less than 75 smakeroons. Eventually I found these comfy looking boots from ASOS which satisfy both my price and style expectations! River Island jewellery is always a bargain so I added these little earrings as an addition for £1.50.

Dress: Topshop - £85
Boots: ASOS - £54 (were £60)
Socks: Topshop - £3.50
Cardigen: Boohoo - £20
Bag: Topshop - £34
Earrings: River Island - £1.50

Total = £198

The Office Outfit

The geeky look is my favourite look so this category is great for me :) If you read my blog you'll know that I wear a white shirt at any opportunity so naturally I chose to pretend purchase a white shirt. Tweed is another love of mine so this Topshop skirt is right up my high-street! I chose this knit cardigan to keep me toasty on my walk down to work during these autumn mornings.

Skirt: Topshop - £40
Shirt: Urban Outfitters - £38
Bag: Urban Outfitters - £48
Cardigen: River Island - £30
Tights: H&M - £9.99
Shoes: River Island - £28
Nail Varnish: Barry M - £2.99

Total - £ 196.98

The Outdoor Outfit

I have always wanted some Nike hi-tops so purchasing an Outdoor outfit is the perfect excuse to incorporate these trainers! I am a big fan of too much jewellery so I chose this pack of H&M rings which were a bargain! I kept the outfit simple, warm and convenient with an autumn country outing in mind and what is more convenient than a backpack!?

Jumper: Zara - £35.99 
Jeans: Topshop - £38
Trainers: Office - £66.99
Backpack: Topshop - £36
Hat: ASOS - £8 
Rings: H&M - £2.99
Nail Varnish: Barry M - £2.99

Total - £190.96

Anyway, if you've got to the end of this post thank you so much for reading! I really enjoyed doing this challenge, it's fun having fake money to spend :) I hope you've had a great weekend :)


22 September, 2012

Topshop and Charities

Skirt and Bag - Charity Shop, T-shirt, Shoes, Necklace and Jacket - Topshop 

What a lovely cold day if that makes sense! I stuck with the velvet skirt again - sorry about that. I put it with this grungy, skull t-shirt today - I bought this from Topshop a few years ago but it has been a permanent fixture in my wardrobe since! Todays post seems to be a combination of Topshop and charity shops which I suppose is quite an accurate reflection on my wardrobe - I am still trying to broaden my high-street horizons. Only 2 days left to enter the 'Passion for Fashion' competition and I still haven't done it - definitely a 'leave until the very last minute' kinda girl. Kinda glad I don't have university deadlines anymore for this reason! If anyone is starting university soon then I hope it goes really well and you enjoy it :) I had a great time at University. 

 Apologies for the inconsistent lighting in these pictures, the sun was all over the place today but hopefully the pictures are okay! Happy Saturday :)


20 September, 2012

Its going to be a Red Velvet Autumn

Top & Rings - H&M, Skirt - Charity shop, Shoes - Topshop

Hello :) It's just a quick few lines of rambling today since I (as usual) am late. This is what I wore this afternoon but tonight I think I will wear this new skirt with my favourite, 'masshosive' jumper and some too big earrings. This week I must remember that Thursday is not the new Friday as my friend suggested last Thursday evening - Friday was a painful, painful day at work.


18 September, 2012

Stuck in a 'Oversized and Lace' rut

Dress - Spitalfields Market, Shoes - Topshop, Jumper & Bag - Charity Shop

Hello there. This is what I wore when shopping on Saturday. I always like to be 'easily changeable' when shopping so I can go in and out of changing rooms hassle-free. This is why I stuck to the ol' jumper and comfy lace dress with Topshop flats. I have noticed that Topshop have bought in these shoes again but with more studs so I may have to make an upgrade soon since they go with bloomin anything. I am looking forward to shopping again soon.  I am still attempting to enter the 'Passion for Fashion' competition, I have seen some great entries so I need to get a move on really since the deadline is Monday...!

Hope Tuesday has treated you well.


17 September, 2012

It's a sale steal: Urban Outfitters

Dress - Urban Outfitters (SALE!), Jacket, Boots and Shirt - Topshop

A bit of a grungy look today I think. I (mistakenly) went into Urban Outfitters on Saturday only to discover they had a selection of some of their most beautiful dresses in the sale. After trying on about 168 different ones I was determined to narrow it down to one - even though it was sale shopping (and each dress was between £20-£35) I still couldn't justify purchasing 5 dresses and spending over 100 squids. Kinda defeats the object of a sale. So, after deliberation I went with this purple-ish, lace (surprise) dress. I felt it would be the most effortless when converting it from day to night wear. It was £20 (reduced from £55) which was lovely. They had a nice selection of colours to so I would recommend taking a look in stores (as I don't think this particular dress is online). I was also considering these two dresses here and here - Man, it was a tough decision.

Hope everyone has had a great Monday and thanks so much for reading :)


16 September, 2012

Geek Tees and British skirts

T-shirt,shirt and shoes - Topshop, Skirt - River Island, Bag - Charity shop

I bought this t-shirt from Topshop a few weeks ago but haven't got round to wearing it yet. I love the 'geekiness' of it - couldn't think of any other word there! The skirt is from River Island and is part of their 'Designed and Made in Britain' collection which is pretty cool. I had a great weekend shopping around Bristol in both cCharity shops and high-street shops - it reminded me how much I love finding a great ol'  second hand bargains. I purchased a red velvet skirt and military style top - I was really hoping to find an oversized khaki jumper but was unable to find one but I am still on the hunt so if anyone knows of a decent one it would be great to know about it :)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.


13 September, 2012

Teddy's cardigen and a lace dress

Cardigen - Topman, Boots - Topshop (via Ebay), Lace Dress - Spitalfields market, Jewellry - H&M

Hello! I feel a bit like a teddy bear with this Topman cardigan on, it's pretty snugly and is perfect for this 'in-between' weather. This is the dress I bought from Spitalfields market for £10 which is a bit of a bargain. There were quite a few stalls with this dress in various colours and prices but this was the cheapest I came across (not by much, on other stalls it was £12.99 or about). I loved the individuals stalls at Spitalfields where the sellers had made the items themselves, I would love to be able to do that one day. I am starting a sewing course in a few weeks so hopefully after some (read: a lot) of practice I will be able to create some bloomin amazing clothes. Although I wouldn't hold your breath.

It's almost Friday!


11 September, 2012

Look at my Urban Outfit...

 Dress - Urban Outfitters, Shirt & Socks - Topshop, Boots - Schuh, Ring - H&M, Bag - Charity Shop

Hello! I was soo tired today after attempting to watch Andy Murray win last night (and giving up after 2 hours) whilst trying to pick some outfits out for the 'Passion for Fashion' competition - bloomin hard work I'll tell ya! I keep thinking I've chosen an outfit I love and then I make the ultimate mistake and find myself on Topshop's 'New In' page. I don't think I will meet the deadline. Anyway, after work today I put on this dress (as I do when I don't know what else to wear) with my old boots. This outfit was in the Street Style section of Look magazine today after they were out and about taking pictures in Westfields at Shepards Bush (London) which is where I drag my boyfriend at any available opportunity. This was exciting albeit a little scary since I can't say I have ever graced even the localist (word?!) of papers. Unlike my brother who once made the news after completing a 5 minute silence at school (I'm not even joking)! Hope you've had a fantastic Tuesday!


10 September, 2012

A silk dress with Vodka and Tonic

Dress- H&M, Jacket - Ebay, Shoes - H&M, Ring - Market Stall, Earrings - Primark, Nail Varnish - Barry M  & H&M (Glitter)

I bought this silk dress from H&M a few years ago and I am surprised it is still alive since drinks have been spilled down it on a number of occasions (and thrown at it on one occasion after my incredibly intoxicated friend went to throw her vodka and tonic at a boy but unsurprisingly missed and threw it at my dress).  But nevertheless it has survived and I teamed it with a camo jacket and winter tights (the weekend sun didn't last then). I have started attempting to compile some outfits together for the Money Supermarket's 'Passion for Fashion' competition but it is proving difficult since when pretending I have £200 to spend on a work outfit I become insanely indecisive due to all the irresistible clothes online - I am enjoying the challenge though! Has anyone else entered the competition. I would definitely recommend it, who doesn't want to win money to spend on an outfit?!

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