29 October, 2012

Kaleespera (Good Evening...I think)

Jumper and flatforms - Topshop, Sandals - Clarks, Dresses - H&M

Yahsu! This is 'Hello' in Greek if I am correct (well, if google translate is correct - I am no good with languages). I returned to the UK yesterday evening - I am already having withdrawal symptoms from the amazing food and drink (cocktail of the day anyone?). The company and weather were also great. It was hotter than I thought it would be, the downfall is that it makes the UK feel especially chilly. I didn't take too many outfit pictures on holiday so I thought I would combine the few pictures I do have for today's post. It was fairly cold in the evenings so this blue/purple jumper got a lot of wear since it was the only one I took. These black flatform style shoes were in the sale from Topshop (£15 from £32). I did a little happy dance when I saw them since I was going to get them prior to them going in the sale. I do love it when that happens. Although it did concern me slightly that there were so many pairs in the sale - I wonder what's not to like...! The off-white, midi dress was £19.99 from H&M a few weeks ago which I considered a bargain and a half. I have always been weary of mid-length dresses/skirts since I am a bit (read: a lot) on the shorter side but this one seemed to fit better than those 'I don't know what length this is meant to be' kinda dresses. I would probably pile on jewellery and paint on the nail varnish when wearing this dress in the future since it does look like minimalist to the max in these pictures. I am excited to wear this dress with an oversized, woolly cardigan, big, funny looking, black boots with tights and socks.

Hope you've had a great week and thanks so much for coming back to read this.


20 October, 2012

A quick note to say....

Jumper - Charity shop, Bag, Shirt and Shoes - H&M, Ring - Market stall, Skirt - Marks and Spencer

Hi there. This is a quick one just to say I am going to Greece tomorrow for a week so I won't be posting for a while but please, please join me again the following week. If you do I promise to post about exciting things (I'll try anyway) and my Saturday morning trip to.......

...which was bloomin brilliant.

Thanks a lot and make sure you have a fantabulous week.


16 October, 2012

A much needed winter hat

Hat - Urban Outfitters, Dress and Jacket - Topshop, Boots - Schuh

It's just a quick post today as I'm going to the pub for the first time in agesss which I am very much looking forward too. It's definitely getting colder as we delve further into October so I had to dig out this bobble hat and my woolly tights. The hat was from the Urban Outfitters mens sale towards the end of last year. I will definitely be checking out the winter sale at the end of this year to pick up winter necessities as, lets face it, we always need winter clothes in this country! Hope the start of the week is treating everyone well.


14 October, 2012

Another Topman jumper and a shirt

Jumper - Topman, Shirt - Topshop, Bag & Shoes - H&M, Skirt - Marks and Spencer

It's the perfect Sunday of catching up with Styled to Rock, X Factor and Xtra Factor whilst writing this blog and (hopefully) doing my sewing homework...maybe. Yesterday I had a lovely day in Bath. I feel as though when I go to Bath I should join in with the tourists and go to the Roman Baths and visit Sally Lunns, the oldest tea shop in the city. Instead, I went to Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Charity shops etc etc which was incredibly fun after a week of working. However, I was in one of those annoying, indecisive moods when shopping and I only parted with my money for some socks from Topshop. I am going to London on Friday after work and have already decided to do some sneaky late-night shopping so hopefully I will redeem myself then. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


11 October, 2012

Topshop knits with a wishlist

Me: Leggings, Shoes, Bag - H&M, Jumper - Topshop, Shorts - Urban Outfitters

What I Want: Shirt and Skirt - River Island, Shoes, Eyeliner, Lipstick, T-Shirt and Hat - Topshop, Trousers - Urban Outfitters

Hi there again! The working week is almost over - this calls for a little happy dance. I am excited for the weekend which will hopefully consist of a shopping trip to Bath, a lot of X-Factor, a half marathon (not as excited about that one) and my sewing homework (which so far I have been 100% useless at completing on time). Hope you've all got lots of lovely plans.

Anyway, about this outfit. I haven't worn shorts with leggings for a good ol' while but I was watching Sky Living's Styled to Rock (another TV fave of mine) and I fell a little bit in love with the style of one of the designers named Heidi. She looks effortlessly casual but super-cool at the same time. Unfortunately, at this time of the month I have little disposable income of which could replicate her wardrobe but I have tried with what I do have and I have also compiled a little 'what I would wear if I had any money' list. This jumper is the one I purchased from Topshop last week for my Friday night out which I am, in fact, still recovering from...! Happy Thursday all!

P.S I realise that my outfit looks nothing like my wishlist. The shoes and leggings are almost there but looks as though I've got a long way (and a lotta money) to go until I achieve this look.....!

07 October, 2012

Paisley T-shirt and Black Lace

T-Shirt and Jacket - Topshop, Skirt - Marks & Spencer

Hi there! I've had a pretty unproductive (read: bloomin hungover) weekend after a serious night out Friday. Due to this I've spent the weekend in 'thrown-on', comfy clothes of which included this new Paisley t-shirt which was 18 squids from Topshop. It fits in with that whole paisley trend but is also rather effortless which is nice! The skirt is from the underwear section of Marks and Spencer for £6 but it is a tad see-through so when wearing out on Friday night, for safety, I wore a black, body con skirt underneath. There is nothing worse than getting those picture notifications on facebook and realising that everyone got a good view of your underwear last night.  Hope you've had a fabulous weekend!


04 October, 2012

H&M Shirt with a Bodycon dress

Shirt (Men's), Dress, Bag and Shoes - H&M, Necklace - French Connection

Bad 'every-day wear' blogger alert. Thank you so much for coming back if you have after I haven't written for a week. I did a half marathon at the weekend, then I started a sewing course Monday and have been out and about the rest of the time. I wore this men's shirt yesterday - my brother has gone away to start university and he left some rather nice clothes so I started by wearing this H&M shirt. It's so easy to just throw on over a dress - I think I am going to wear this out for a drink tonight with my favourite red lipstick. Usual polite reminder to myself 'Thursday is not the new Friday'. Anyway - hope everyone has had a great weekend/week.

P.S: I realise you can't really see my outfit in the bottom picture but it shows the biggest rainbow I have ever seen - I tried to find the end and make a wish but no such luck. Make a wish anyway, just in case :)
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