29 November, 2012

A midi dress and dreams of rings

Dress - H&M, Bag - ASOS, Boots - New Look

This was one of my evening outfits when I was in Madrid. I just looove midi dresses and need to find more that are acceptable for short people. I'm going to have a scout around! I feel like I need to add stacks of rings to my fingers to be happy with this outfit, I saw a collection of complimenting rings for sale in Topshop for £18.50, I'm just not sure I can spend this much on accessories (I am desperately trying to save, after all!) I will let you know if I find any similar for less.  I am going shopping in Brighton on Saturday so I'll have a look - I am also on the look out for lots of lovely/sparkly/super-duper cool things...and maybe the odd Christmas present too.

Have a great weekend!


26 November, 2012

Hi Duncan

Spotty Trousers - Primark, Bag - ASOS, Shoes, T-Shirt and Coat - Topshop

I thought I'd separate my rumble ramblings into section so you can pick and chose rather than have to read bits you don't want too. So, let the ramblings commence...

The clothes bit...

Spotty trousers for a fiver - a bit hard to resist. I got these from Primark, there was a big rail left so I'm sure they are in some stores. Secondly, the oversized t-shirt from Topshop is my new fave as the cut/fit make it  easy to not make much effort and kind of look acceptable. I also wore a grey beanie hat (from men's H&M wear due to my unusually large head) which hasn't left my head since purchase.

The X Factor bit....

'Shave my head and call me Duncan'. These were my boyfriend's words when Chris Maloney got his spot in the semi-final. His names not Duncan, it's Gary and he spends longer than me than on his hair each morning. I'm happy whoever gets through, got to love the drama of it and I always quickly pop into the shop at work to see which contestant has made the front page of The Sun each Monday. It's 2 weeks until the final - I'm going to have to find something to replace the X shaped hole in my life... 

Hope you're weekend was just lovely!


20 November, 2012

Urban in Madrid

Dress - Urban Outfitters, Boots - New Look, Bag - ASOS

I had a bloomin amazing long weekend in Madrid that was made even better by this beauty of a dress from Urban Outfitters that I got for my birthday a few weeks ago. It reminds me of a Calvin Klein kinda dress if you will - it's simple but the cut and material make it feel just lavely. I've also loved this bag from ASOS for a while and after almost 60 days in my 'Saved Basket' I took the plunge and parted with my £28. I've only got about 498 other things in my ASOS basket now. Home-made Christmas gifts for the family this year...?


13 November, 2012

Another day, another collar...

Coat, Dress, Shoes, Shirt - Topshop, Bag - H&M

This was my 'easily changible' outfit for my shopping trip on Saturday. It was bustling and crazy at Cabot Circus in Bristol and I loved it. The Primark there is huge. I could have spent a lot of money in there but I always feel that if I spend loads in Primark I have kind of defeated the object of the cheap shopping that I had intended to do upon entering the shop.

On an exciting, fashiony (a new word for you there) note - a friend of mine who is very talented (and annoyingly good looking so feel free to dislike her a little bit) has started selling Bow Ties on ASOS Marketplace and they are looking good so definitely check them out here. I am still changing my mind over which one I'm going to purchase but watch this space as I am sure a beautiful bow tie will feature soon...


11 November, 2012

Primark collar and a Topshop t-shirt

Coat, Shoes & T-shirt - Topshop, Shirt - Primark, Disco dupes - River Island, Bag - Charity Shop

I can't believe it's Sunday already. I am convinced weekend hours go faster than week hours. I went on a shopping day yesterday. I am pretty bad at shopping - I find it difficult to make my first purchase but once I have it's all downhill for my debit card and all uphill for my wardrobe. I am on ASOS now trying to resist spending more money.

Today's pictures contain some of my most recent purchases. The shirt (underneath the t-shirt) is from Primark. It was £8 but I am hoping to get a lot of wear from it since I love the collar detailing so much. I sometimes things from Primark look better outside of the shop than in the shop! The grey t-shirt is from Topshop, it's pretty minimal but the material feels fairly thick and the rolled up sleeves are a nice addition to the 'laid back' feel. I tried on the American Apparel Disco Pants yesterday. Unfortunately my legs aren't long enough and didn't look how I'd hoped they would - I still love them and think they look great on everyone. I got the dupes from River Island which I don't think are as thick but they don't feel too restrictive. The main reason I went with the dupes was because they did short, regular and long versions - I went with the short! The price tag was a lot easier on the eye at £30 rather than £74. I'll let you know how I get on with them!

You also may have noticed that my blog is a little different. I need an 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' sign as I am not completely happy with it but my laptop is running at a snail's pace so it may take a few weeks until it looks a little more presentable. 

Hope you've had a great weekend. 


06 November, 2012

What I was/wish I was wearing...

Shoes & Dress - Urban Outfitters, Coat - Topshop

Kimono, T-Shirt & Boots - Topshop, Jeans - ASOS, Watch and Earrings - Urban Outfitters, Nail Varnish - Barry M

It was one of those days where I wished I was wearing something different so I have incorporated my 'in my dreams' outfit below. I saw Cara Delevingne wearing jeans, boots and a kimono in Look magazine a few weeks ago looking like a total babe. Since then I have been convinced that life will be complete when I purchase this outfit - and look like her....may have to settle with just the outfit.

Apologies for the grainy pictures.  I'm trying to look at the graininess as a deliberate effect but I'm struggling to convince myself. I thought I'd share them anyway. They were taken at the weekend with a Fun-Flash, yup - that's one of the ones you have to pay £8 to develop from Boots and bad lighting is costly. I still secretly love the anticipation when opening the Boots envelope and not knowing what to expect - especially when each photographer has had more than their fair share of Sangria...

Happy Tuesday!


04 November, 2012

Denim cut-offs and a military jacket...

Jacket - Topshop, Shoes, scarf & top - H&M, Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Nail Varnish - Free with Glamour magazine

Hi there. Another weekend passed so quickly. It was a great one filled with sangria, friends, fireworks, X-Factor and snow...last bit wasn't expected and didn't settle but it was exciting to see it. Got me in the Crimbo spirit and I have now started thinking about present ideas...too soon? I don't think so!

On to today's clothes. I got this top from H&M for my birthday and I love it - I think the dotty sleeves make it look more expensive than the £12.99 it is. I've got it in navy blue as well which I have got a lot of wear from. The nail varnish is Nails Inc but I got it free with Glamour magazine - they are offering four colours, tempted to buy Glamour 4 times to get all colours..!

I'm hoping to purchase a winter coat this year as from now it will be a permanent fixture in each daily outfit. I am always hesitant about spending £80 on one item (still in the student mindset) but I guess price per wear is pretty good when it comes to the overused winter coats so I may have to take the plunge since this Topshop army jacket is become insufficient warmth wise. Here's 3 of my faves:

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

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