28 January, 2013

Dot Cotton

Happy Monday - hope you had a lovely weekend. I bought this shirt from Topshop at the weekend and had to shut my eyes a little bit as I handed over my pennies as it was £38 - and I'm a bit of a cheapskate - well, I'm trying to save for travelling and that but Topshop keeps getting in my way. I believe that if I can imagine incorporating an item with at least 3 outfits then I am allowed to buy it! My 3 imaginary 'polka-dot shirt' outfits are:

1. (For the summer) The shirt open with cut-off denim shorts and a white t-shirt.
2. Black maxi skirt and a grey jumper with the dotty collar poking out the top.
3. ......

Broke my rule a little bit there...I can only think of two! Has anyone got any ideas of what I could team this with as I love it and don't want to take it back.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions. Hope you have a lavely week.


23 January, 2013

Beat the Blues

1. Top - River Island, 2. Lipstick - Topshop, 3 - T-Shirt - Topshop (Boutique), 4.Skirt - Topshop, 5. Dress - H&M, 6. Watch - River Island, 7. Hat - Topshop, 8. Earrings - ASOS, 9. Dress - In Love With Fashion, 10. Skirt - River Island, 11.T-Shirt - In Love With Fashion, 12.Boots - H&M

Anyone else feeling a bit fifty shades of blue this week?  Payday is almost here - but not quite. The snow is upon us and it's not Christmas for another 11 months. So I have (prematurely) created my 'I need payday to come sooner' kind of list.  I am excited about these items as you can see from my shamefully cheery picture at the top.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments. Hope you're having a snowmendous week and you're ready with your debit/credit/cash cards for payday - BRING.IT.ON!


16 January, 2013

Wonky Beau Tie

Lots of new beauties have been added to the ASOS Marketplace 'Beau Tie' store which you can be taken to here. I wore this in London last weekend before temperature plummeted causing wardrobe choices to be based solely on 'items that will keep me most warm'.

How is everyone else coping with the snowy weather - enjoying it? Or ready to move onto the summer wardrobe as shops bring in the light/floaty/pretty things that get us prematurely excited for a season unimaginable right now? Still, it's nice to dream...

Lots of Love.

14 January, 2013


Playsuit, Rings & Shoes - Topshop, Bag - ASOS, Blazer/Cardigen - H&M via Charity Shop, Shirt - Primark

Since I've started this blog I've learnt two things:

1. I need to brush my hair
2. I need to iron my clothes.

Please (if you can) ignore the creases in my playsuit!

This is my first post for a week which I feel is about 7 weeks in blog years! I went skiing last week which was just lavely - although I think the snow has followed me home as it has just started here in my little town. After France I went to London to the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum which I would definitely recommend if you're around South Kensington before the end of January. The array of Meryl Streep's infamous outfits along with Marilyn Monroe's incredible white dress mixed in with a bit of Batman equals a very excited me!

Hope you've had a great weekend and Monday has been kind to you.

Lots of Love.


07 January, 2013

Loads of Love

Top & Rings - Topshop, Black dress (as skirt), Top, Tights & Hat - H&M, Bag - ASOS, Brogues - Primark, Metallic Nail Varnish - Barry M

Pretty laid back attire today. I am going on holiday today so comfort was a biggy. Due to a lack of money following Christmas and a bit of a sales splurge I was only able to buy nail varnish during my visit to the shops yesterday. I thought I would get in on the metallic-ness that seems to be creeping its way into magazines. After seeing Romeo Beckham and Cara Delevingne (who, depressingly, are both a fraction of my age) sporting insanely amazing metallic macs that are, I'm guessing, £2,005 out of my price limit I settled for the next best thing (well, almost) with this 'magical chameleon' Barry M goodness.

Have a fantabulous week - Loads of Love,



05 January, 2013

Topshop gems

T-Shirt & Rings - Topshop, Boots - New Look, Jacket - Oasis, Bag - ASOS, Skirt - Marks and Spencer, Hat - Unbranded

I asked my Mum to take pictures for me today to avoid the unnecessary embarrassment and problems that I have when using self-timer and a tree as my tripod. Embarrassing stories include the camera falling of the tree and taking a picture up my skirt just in time for the local dog-walker to wonder past and wonder what an earth he had stumbled across -  didn't really know how to explain that one. I said 'hi' -  nice one me. My Mum kept telling me to 'pose like this' with my foot at a right-angle - as was seen regularly in Vogue in the good ol' 80s.

Hope 2013 has been everything you hoped for so far.

P.S. I'm just adding the Bloglovin thingy-mi-bob below so hopefully it will work! Thanks so much for reading my blog.

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01 January, 2013

Merry 2013

Coat, Skirt, Shoes, T-Shirt & Rings - Topshop, Bag - ASOS, Hat - H&M, Scarf - Vintage

A new year - a brand new me. Just joking - that's a line from Bridget Jones, my idol! I've always wanted to say that. I love the motivation and optimism of New Years day. I am not much of a fan of the hangovers that the 1st of January seems to bring religiously each year but right now I am feeling excited about the year ahead. I suspect this euphoric feeling will last until tomorrow morning at 7am when I wake up for work and swear under my breath for the first time of 2013.

Here's to the new year.

Loads of Love.
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