28 February, 2013

Smock Dress

It seems ASOS can do no wrong when it comes to smock dresses. I have recently been lusting (if that's a word) after silk smock dresses, midi ones and jersey ones. At fairly cheap prices they make you believe you're getting a bargain and before you know it you've bought 3 and £80 of your wages have literally (well, almost) disappeared. This galaxy print one was £25 which when worn 10 times is £2.50 a wear which is a bargain, right..!

Thank Flip it's Friday soon! Hope you've got lots of exciting things planned for the weekend - Have a good one.


25 February, 2013

Man shirt

On a weekend trip to London last weekend I was totally unprepared for how flipping freezing it was. With a lack of layers I borrowed this shirt from my boyfriend in a desperate attempt to wear as many clothes as possible to avoid frostbites. I was looking forward to browsing round the bottom end (the clothes end) of Portobello Market but after shivering around for ten minutes too frightened to take my hands out my pockets to actually look at the clothes we promptly bought some cakes and hurried back to warmth where we spent the afternoon drinking tea and eating our market purchases.

Hope you had a fantabolous (albeit, slightly freezing) weekend.

Lots of Love

17 February, 2013

Made in Jersey

A laid back look today with everything jersey. I spent the weekend recovering from Friday that can be pretty well explained by Katy Perry's song T.G.I.F - we danced on table tops, took to many shots, maxed our credit cards etc etc etc. It was stupendously fun. The hangover meant I couldn't handle jeans and comfort was my only necessity. Today I watched the Topshop Unique show live (on YouTube - almost as good as being there) and lusting over all the outfits of the bloggers that are representing the blogosphere at Somerset House.

Has anyone else been to London Fashion Week - if you've got any blog post about it I would love to read them!

Lots of Love x

13 February, 2013

Jane's Lane

I ordered the usual with this outfit. The skirt for which the 'price per wear' is now practically free and boots that were next to nothing upon purchase mean this outfit is now cheaper than a woolly jumper would be on the hottest day of the year. I have to justify buying things in my head sometimes - especially since when anything new comes in the stores I get over excited and convince myself I have to have it for one reason or another. Only 2 days until the weekend....time to go to the shops and see what's new in!

Lots of Love, x


10 February, 2013


I feel I may have lost it a bit with the jumper and the infected looking nails. Usually I don't like to push the boat out a bit if there is a gigantic shark mouth involved - but in this case I made an exception. I had to make a reference to the massive mouth on the front of my jumper there- sorry about that! I spent the weekend drinking tea, eating cake and thinking about the things I should (but didn't) do. It was bloomin good really. Now I have retreated to the sofa to watch the BAFTA's. At this moment I am trying to work out how I can incorporate Paloma Faith's floor length gold, sequin dress into my 'everday' wardrobe. I think the answer is - with great difficulty.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

Lots of Love

06 February, 2013

Old School Uniform

A bit of a late one today as I am so unprepared. Had a 'catch up with David Attenbourough' kind of evening after watching Africa and his interview with Jonathon Wossy last weekend so that has been lovely. If you're reading this tonight then there is a competition run by River Island and Company magazine - all you have to do is upload a picture on twitter of your fave outfit and you could win the chance to style a shoot in Company magazine...get on it if you haven't, there is still a few hours left! I'd love to see your entry so let me know if you do enter.

These pictures were taken last weekend when some ice/snow was still lurking around but it's gone now - to early to dig out the summer dresses?!

Hope the week is going well for you.


03 February, 2013

Urban Outfit

This dress has seen me through weddings, exams (+ the revision that came before), job interviews, holidays, winter evenings and many more occasions. It's been so over worn that the zip will only work to it's mid-point and thread is beginning to give way around the hem - but it's still thrown in my bag at last minute when I go away for the weekend. The super comfy boots, however, are a slightly newer purchase - bought for a barginlicious £8 from Primark, how can you say no?

Hope you've had a lovely weekend - who can believe it's Sunday already?! I can't. I read an article on BBC news about one African country now having a 4 day working week. Tomorrow I'm going to find this article and forward it to my boss. If you don't ask and all that.

Here's to a great Monday!
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