31 March, 2013

Big red coat...

Skirt - Primark, T-shirt - Topshop, Boots - New Look, Jacket - Judy's Vintage Fair, Watch - Urban Outfitters

Happy Easter bunnies - hope you're having a bloomin wonderful day and you're feeling as satisfyingly over-full as I do. I've actually got to take my stretchy trousers off soon and put on my (slightly tighter) new Topshop skirt and head out to a wedding party so I'm trying to resist the temptations of the left over chocolate that is still lingering around the house...might just wear the skirt slightly undone!

I was so excited the sun had made an appearance so I stepped outside minus this big red coat - after a few second I realised the coat was still an absolute necessity - got a bit ahead of the game sunshine-wise. I have just realised that I write about the weather in the majority of my posts, how very interesting and witty of me (nawwwt) - I'm sorry about that, must be the British gal in me. Now, I'm off to get a cup of tea...!

Happy Easter you lovely people.


28 March, 2013


Dress & Bag: ASOS, Boots: Schuh, Top: Topshop

Don't panic - I haven't braved the English sub-zero temperatures without a coat. These pictures were taken (by a lovely friend) in Paris last weekend where it was acceptable to get the ol' arms out - I even had the sunglasses on at one point. Seems a bit ca-razy to think about as I am currently sat in front of the fire with no intention of stepping out tomorrow.

I'm currently watching The Big Reunion on ITV2 with feelings of nostalgia - it may be time to dig out the double denim, do a little Irish dance jiggle and contact the junior school friends for my own reunion!  Hope you've got some lavely plans for the weekend - but be sure to fit in an Easter egg (or three...)

Lots of Love x

25 March, 2013

A postcard from Paris...

From top left: Test tubes & bottles in the medical bar / Bad ass chicks at the Moulin Rouge / Bottles and pictionary in the Disney themed bar / Arc of Triomphe interior / Bow & Eiffel Tower / Shop by weight / Tutu and dots / Carrying Eiffel / Love locks

Bonjour! Last weekend a friend and I hopped onto the Eurostar and caught the 9.10am lift to Paris. With no idea what to expect we decided we were going to spend 3 fun-filled days exploring the city and being as French as we could - french fries count as 'French' right? En route we tried to remind ourselves of that GCSE french homework (that we possibly didn't complete) and then agreed that we would use the phrase book to get by.

We enthusiastically scurried up the Eiffel Tower, admired the Mona Lisa's wondering eye and took pictures from the Arc de Triomphe. As well as the usual sights we drank in a 'Medical Bar' of which served drinks out of test tubes and had x-ray decoration, we sketched out our drink orders in a children's character themed bar (who knew the Little Mermaid cocktail would contain vodka - naughty Ariel) and spent our holiday money in a vintage shop where the price was determined by the weight. I walked away as the incredibly happy owner of a light weight skirt and blouse for 9 Euros. All this, along with the abundance of pastries, has left me excitedly planning for another trip to France.

Lots of Parisian Love x

17 March, 2013

Jersey Joggers

Trousers & T-Shirt - H&M, Boots - Schuh, Jacket - Oasis, Bag - ASOS, Rings - Topshop

NOTE: Apologies for the pout in the second picture - I was trying to experiment with new faces rather than the usual cheesy smile - turns out I can only smile and pout.

During a weekend in London desperately trying not to spend any money I stumbled across these jersey joggers. After weaving in between the Topshop rails with a handful of their silk and jersey joggers I came to my usual Topshop-style conclusion - I can't afford any of it! I headed on to H&M and spotted these joggers for £12.99 which was a price tag good enough for my little budget. I do feel a little like I should break out into a street-style dance but manage to resist such temptations.

Hope Monday treats you well. If you're struggling head on over to Sprinkle of Glitters weekly 'Motivational Monday' post. These leave me feeling excited for the week ahead.

Lots of Love


14 March, 2013

Judy's done it again...

Dress-Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, Jacket & Rings- Topshop, Boots - Schuh

I do this awful thing when I am buying clothes. My instant thought when I see an item I want is:

'This would look great with a tan...'

This is an awful thing of me to do since I have a tan for (at most) 3 weeks in the year. This was my exact thought when I saw this beautiful vintage dress. It is another treasure from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. As I said before, it is definitely worth a visit if you are around East London on the first Saturday of the month! I wore this at the weekend - prematurely, may I add. The weather hadn't given me the opportunity to wear this yet so I thought 'Sod it' - lets rebel and get those Spring dresses out where they belong.

Hope you've had a brilliant week and you're ready to be hilariously 'Funny for Money' for Red Nose Day tomorrow - have a good one.

Lots of Love.

11 March, 2013

Spring Warmers

Jacket - Spitalfields Market, T-Shirt - H&M, Trousers - River Island, Boots - Schuh, Bag - River Island

These pictures were taken in the rain the other day which explains the splodges on the third photo - it was the choice of stepping out in the rain, gale force winds or snow to take pictures so I went with rain..! What an earth is happening - inside places such as Topshop, River Island and H&M it is already summer. The shops are splattered with beautiful pastels and smooth monochrome but step outside and all I can think about is the faux fur and big knits from last season. How is everyone handling this?!

I bought the jacket on a recent trip to Spitalfields Market. For one day a month Spitalfields is home to Judy's Affordable Vintage Market. The clue is in the ('Affordable' part of the) name and this jacket cost me £12. I had exactly £12 (to the penny) in my purse so it was a love affair that was meant to be.

Happy Monday!


06 March, 2013

Paisley Post

Dress: H&M, Jacket: Oasis, Bag: ASOS, Shoes & Shirt: Topshop, Hat: Unbranded 

I wore this outfit to work last week and then I wore it again at the weekend as I quite liked it. Upon looking back at these pictures I let out a little gasp. The dress is rather short, especially for my office where black trousers and a coloured jumper is a staple outfit for the girls but I can't take it back now. We live and learn, we live and learn...! I read an interview with Henry Holland, who I excitedly (and rather uncooly) celeb spotted last week on the tube, and he said that a skirt should be longer than ones tip of the finger when their arms are by their side - I am a repeat offender of crime. I just can't seem to wear skirts of a sensible length!

Hope you've had a lovely week. We're at the halfway pit stop to the weekend gals!


02 March, 2013

Something kinda ooo

Shirt - Topshop, Trousers - River Island, Boots - Schuh, Bag - Primark

24 hours of the most flippin' London fun. After ten years of waiting I finally got to see Girls Aloud live - to say myself and the sister were excited would be the understatement of the century. After a good few (or more) cocktails we merrily scrurried (close) to the front of the crowd and started dancing and singing. It was great even if we did belt out most the lyrics wrong. The fun continued late into today following visits to Borough Market at London Bridge (for some totes amaze cakes), Spital Fields near Liverpool Street for some vintage goods and finally, sticking to our high-street roots, we caught the tube and headed across London to Westfields.

Happy Saturday to you.

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