30 April, 2013

A spot of DIY

Dress: Charity Shop, Jacket - Oasis, Boots - Schuh, Bag - ASOS

Firstly, thank you lots and lots for the lovvvely comments on my 'first face' post - I appreciate them so much!

This dress was from a charity shop but it was a weird, to long-ish length for my short legs and it had a blue belt. I decided to cut length to one more suited to me. I used the material from the bottom to make a tube/belt kind of thing to replace the blue belt. Although, to any kind of trained sewing eye (unlike my untrained eyes) it is quite possible you will spot random bits of thread hanging out of my home-made belt. I did the best I could but I can imagine the unprofessional-ness (long word!) of the belt would make Patrick from the Great British Sewing Bees eyes water for all the wrong reasons!

Have you got any ways to alter dresses so a money-less girl (me) can re-invent my wardrobe?

Lots of Love,

28 April, 2013

Hi there: 7 things about me...

1. My name is Hannah

2. The blog name 'Paloma in Disguise' pretty much came from having a girl crush on the bloomin brilliant Paloma Faith - I felt Paloma could be my alter-ego, kind of like Sasha Fierce is for Beyonce. But I am not a world famous superstar, nor am I married to a rapper. So maybe not quite like Beyonce...

3. I am like a magnet when it comes to charity shops - I see one and I am instantly drawn to it.

4. I am 110% clueless when it comes to hair and make. It is not uncommon of me to go to loo at work and find random bronzer splodges all over my face after an hour long meeting with the boss looking at me uncomfortably...should he tell the girl that she has brown splodges on her face?

5. I have a Maths degree but panic on occasions when people ask me to split the bill, work out a promotion etc. I feel after 3 years at University learning only of Mathematics I should be a human calculator by now - I am definitely not.

6.  I am currently learning to sew - but I am an awful student and haven't done my homework for weeks. Bad Hannah.

7. I am literally terrified about posting this since I haven't put my name/full face on here before. So I am just going to shut my eyes and click 'Publish'. Here we go....

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Lots of Love,


P.S It was originally 10 things about me but I got to 7 and got stuck...!

20 April, 2013

Mickey Mouse Saturday

T-shirt & Sunglasses - Primark, Skirt - Topshop, Boots - Schuh, Bag - ASOS, Hat - H&M, Watch - Urban Outfitters

I was so excited when I saw this t-shirt in Primark for 6 squids. I was so tempted to dig out the old Minnie Mouse ears to match - maybe I will! I'm (hopefully) going to the David Bowie exhibition Monday and anything goes there right..! I think my outfit was all confuzzled today like the weather. I had a winterey shimmery skirt, a summer Mickey Mouse t-shirt, a woolly hat and sunglasses! Definitely a transitional outfit day..! Hope you've had a loooovely day!

Also, I wanted to mention that I put the word test thingy-mi-bob back on for comments since I was getting a lot of spam comments so sorry about that. I always struggle to pass the tiny numbers and blurry word test so if it's not working for you please feel free to tweet me or email me - I love hearing from y'all.

Thanks for reading xoxo

12 April, 2013

No tie-dye on this shirt...

Coat - Topshop, Boots - Schuh, Shirt - Topman, Bag - ASOS, Skirt - American Apparal 

I was going to do a post in which I showed you my attempt at dying a greyish (meant to be white but went grey in the wash) top blue but it came out green so I didn't think that post would work very well...! If anyone knows anything about dying t-shirts then please fill me in as I am clueless! Instead I decided to share with you this outfit from last weekend - got the arms out but wool coat and hat still required.

I'm so soo happy it's Friday - I am going to stock up on T-shirts tomorrow and work out how this dye stuff works (cue rubber gloves and a baffled me...). Hope you've got lots of looovely plans for the weekend!


07 April, 2013

#Passion for Fashion

When I saw Money Supermarket were running their 'Passion for Fashion' competition again I had to enter.

I really enjoyed pretending to have money to spend for the last competition so naturally, I thought I'd give it another go. My entry from their last competition is here. Similar to last time, each outfit has to be £200 or less. This time their are 3 categories: Holiday wear, Party wear and Casual wear. In true 'me' fashion I have left it until the last day but I've had a brilliant time creating outfits so here they are.

Holiday wear:

Clothes bit:

Dress: Topshop - £48
Sandels: Barretts - £15
Bag: New Look - £12.99
Bikini: Topshop - £34
Scarf: New Look - £7.99
Sunglasses: H&M - 4.99

Total: £122.97

I found my 'Holiday wear' category easiest to create. I think this is because I have been dreaming of hot weather for months and whenever I see anything in stores I always think 'Oooo that would look lovely on holiday'. I chose a mis-match of items as I think it kind of adds to the holiday effortless look. Just throw a load of things together and head to the beach. Naturally, in this outfit I'd be swinging in a hammock with a good book and a glass of rum on ice.

Party wear:

Clothes bit:

Shorts: Topshop - £35
Shirt: H&M - £19.99
Bag: ASOS - £20
Rings: Topshop - £10
Shoes: Topshop - £58
Nail Varnish: Barry M - £2.99
Gel Eye Liner: Topshop - £8
Hair Dye: Urban Outfitters - £10

Total: £163.98

I have been considering dip-dying my hair purple for a while but I only wanted it to be temporary so when I stumbled across this purple dying kit from Urban Outfitters I thought it would be perfect to incorporate into my 'Party' outfit - the fact that it is called 'Manic Panic' does concern me slightly but hey-ho I'd love to give it a go! I would keep the rest of the outfit fairly plain so the purple is the main feature.

Casual Wear:

Clothes bit:

Coat: Topshop - £85
Bow Tie: BeauBowTies via Etsy - £20
Bag: Matalan - £12
Jeans: H&M - £19.99
Lipstick: Barry M - £4.49
Shirt: H&M - £7.99
Shoes: Topshop - £48

Total: £197.47

I recently saw a picture of Beyonce wearing a bow tie - if it's good enough for Queen B, it's good enough me...! There is a wonderful choice of bow ties on the Etsy shop linked above. I went with the maroon one as I thought it would match the lipstick fairly well. I would tuck the shirt in and roll the jeans up a little to show of these bloomin beautiful Topshop shoes. Oww gawd - I think I know what my next pay cheque is going on....!

Thanks for reading if you have made it this far! Did you enter this competition? If so, I would love to see your entries for more holiday/party/casual inspiration!

Lots of Love.

05 April, 2013


 Skirt, Top & Shoes: Topshop, Bag: River Island, Watch: Urban Outfitters

My friend MADE me buy this outfit. She has these magical powers that made me feel that I absolutely needed this skirt in my life - may I add that she did this via text message. Bloomin incredible - I thought so anyway. Enough of blaming my friend for my lack of self-discipline when it comes to shopping, this is what I wore to an evening wedding party last weekend. It was the perfect way to end the Easter weekend - I do love a good ol' wedding. Lots of drinks, laughs and regulatory cheesy swaying were involved and it was flipping incredible.

Hope you've had a wonderful week!

Lots of Love
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