31 July, 2013

Must have a midi skirt

As I have mentioned before, I buy fashion magazines - the weekly ones, the monthly ones, the twice yearly ones. Any time of day/month/year - I'll take it. As I was reading last week's Look magazine I was nodding along in agreement to all their style pages when I turned to 'Every's gone Midi Mad' - oh, Look magazine you are so right.

Here are a few of my favourite Midi skirts & dresses:

From Top Left (Clockwise): Skirt: Oxfam, Blue Dress: Charity Shop, White Dress: H&M, Black Skirt: Topshop

I then got on to the ol' Internet and started looking for my new favourite Midi things (see how magazines can escalate to a full blown shopping spree...). Where better to look than Oxfam website - they currently have a 70% sale on so it would be rude not too. I've picked out 3 of my faves (skirts & prices) but there are soo many things on their website - you could literalllly spend hours putting things in your basket. I might purchase a few sneaky things and cut away at them/add panels to fit my size. Happy hunting all!

You've got to get to the Oxfam sale quickly. The phrase 'Buy it now or regret it later' originates from charity shops.

Lots of Love!


25 July, 2013

Primark has made it on-the-line

Dress: Primark via ASOS, Hat: H&M, Bag: ASOS, Boots: Topshop, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmopolitan

It's an awful thing, following fashion magazines and stores on Twitter. They tell you things, you click on the link and before you know if you're getting free delivery on ASOS because you spent over £100. Obviously I can't afford to do this on a regular basis but when I can, I do. This is what happened when Cosmopolitan publicised that Primark was being made available on ASOS. Thanks a lot Cosmo, thanks a lot. I bought this dress for £13 on the site and then continued to browse remaining 1,181,749 dresses ASOS have on their website. In my defence, I did manage to squeeze a friends birthday present in my virtual basket - just about.

Hope you've had a great week.


23 July, 2013

60's Style T-Shirt

T-Shirt: ASOS, Skirt & Bag: H&M, Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmopolitan

I'm going to a wedding on Saturday - I am super duper excited but I have absolutely no idea what to wear. I always think comfy-ness is a requirement at weddings as I always plan on eating and drinking to my maximum capacity and dancing (jumping) like I used to at the Junior school disco - neither of which are possible in tight/short/uncomfortable dresses. This skirt was another H&M sale item. I bought the ASOS top to go with it as a potential wedding outfit. I wore it out last weekend and it was easy to wear and comfy - bring on too much cake and jumping/dancing until my little feet just won't let me any more.

Hope you're having a great week. 

21 July, 2013

Love for Leopard Print

Coat: H&M, Shirt: H&M via a Car Boot sale, Trousers: River Island, Boots: Schuh, Bag: ASOS

There is a reason I am writing about a COAT in the height of the heatwave - although in my defence, it was very windy when these pictures were being taken. I'm writing about this coat now as it's in the sale at H&M, they have a lot left which always concerns me slightly but I loved it so I got my £15 out and hurried to the till. After purchasing this jacket I went into Topshop and saw that they were selling two leopard print coats - neither of which were in the lower £15 price region so, what are you waiting for - get to the H&M sale pronto so we can all channel out inner ab-fabness.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

16 July, 2013

Sales, Sales & More Sales

Dress-Urban Outfitters, Boots-Topshop, Bag & Hat-H&M, Sunnies-Free with Cosmopolitan

It's been a long hot weekend and it's 95 degrees in the shade da da daaa!

I recently purchased this dress in the Urban Outfiiters sale - it was the best 25 squids I've ever spent since it is pretty much all I've been wearing this weekend. It's too hot for anything else! I also got some new boots after my old faithful's couldn't take anymore. They were £50 in the Topshop sale - turns out I only shop in sales!

Hope you had a great weekend and work/school/collage is being good to ya.

09 July, 2013

Dolce and Gabbana: From Catwalk to Highstreet

I religiously buy magazines. I buy so many that a good few years ago I started tearing out my favourite pictures of clothing and sticking them in a big black book. My diary, if you will. As soon the Dolce and Gabbana adverts started appearing in the magazines I began tearing and sticking.

I then stumbled across this tablecloth style material and it reminded me of the D&G adverts that I loved so much so I got the old machine out and started stitching. The following pictures don't quite resemble the Italian style family on a beautiful beach but they'll scooby-do!

Skirt - Handmade, Shirt & Shoes - Topshop, Bag - H&M, Jacket - Oasis

I love watching untouchable, dream-like clothes drift from the catwalk into the high-street shops,  a place where I can get my little hands on them. The Dolce and Gabanna inspired clothes have finally made it into my favourite shops - woohoo!

On the High-Street


From left to right: T-Shirt Dress  /Midi Dress /Tunic Dress

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine -- Dolce and Gabanna style.

Lots of Love.


07 July, 2013

H&M saves the hot day....

Shorts - H&M, Shirt & Shoes - Topshop, Collar Tips & Bag - ASOS, Sunglasses - Free with Cosmopolitan

If, like me, denim shorts fill you with dread when the temperature rises then I think I may have found a good alternative for you. These running style shorts from H&M were fairly cheap (around the £10 mark) and they are not to short or tight which is exactly what I look for. I have worn my ASOS collar tips with the shirt to add to the smart-ness of this summer outfit. The geek in me like that the collar tips match the gold ends of the drawstring on the shorts....!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend in the sun. I've spent the weekend watching Cricket (I don't rules either but there was 2 streakers so that was exciting), hitting the Urban Outfitters sale and drinking Mojito's. It doesn't get much better :-)

Lots of Love. 

04 July, 2013

Dotty DIY Dress

Dress: Handmade, Boots - Schuh, Bag - ASOS, Hat & Sunglasses - H&M

I am not the best sewer but I recently wanted to make a casual dress in a similar style to the River Island dress that I posted about here. I couldn't find a cheap-ish sewing pattern in the style that I wanted so I got chopping, pinning and stitching. If anyone knows about sewing I would consider looking away now - I think I was sewing illegally, I didn't follow any rules and I broke the machine.

Although it didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned, I have worn it a few times and it is great for smart-ish summer wear. I'm going to (try) and make a new one with a different material. I will write about how I did it next time I make a dress just in case anyone would like to do similar - but you're only allowed to read it if you have no idea about sewing otherwise you will be horrified by my sewing methods of madness.

It's almost the weekend - woop-di-woop! Have a great one.

Lots of Love.


02 July, 2013

Hearts & Stripes

Hat, Bag & Shirt - H&M, Disco Dupe Trousers - River Island, Boots - Schuh, Sunglasses - Free with Cosmopolitan

Finalllyyy, after months and month my head overheated in my woolly hat so I bought a new hat. I am not sure what it's called but I am very pleased with it. It was only £7.99 so I put it straight in my basket and carried on shopping like a happy shopper. I continued on down the aisles of H&M and spotted this very convenient heart shaped bag. My sister always mentions how the things I buy are not practical - like this heart shaped bag for example, along with my mini palm tree bag and purple, satin leopard print flatforms. I argue that my new heart bag is very practical - I can fit all my things in it...if my boyfriend carries my purse and phone.

Lots of Love,

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