27 August, 2013

I wish it could be Bank Holiday everyday...

Shirt and Top: Topshop, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Belt: Primar, Bag: ASOS, Shoes: H&M 

Possibly my most casual outfit ever - but we all have those days, right?! After a lovely (slightly intoxicated) weekend I went to the pub to chill out with some lovely people! Then...Tuesday morning hit with a bang. Why is work so painful after a Bank Holiday? Why don't we all do on-the-line banking - then banks can be shut all the time and every day will be a Bank Holiday? I think I'm on to something there!

Happy Bank Holiday Tuesday :-)

25 August, 2013

Paisley Primark

Dress & Necklace: Primark, Boots: Topshop, Hat: H&M, Bag: ASOS, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmopolitan 

Aloha! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend in the sun (read: rain!). This paisley print dress from Primark is my first Autumnal purchase of the year. I love the deep purples and blues. I will get a lot of wear from this dress since I will be able to wear it to work when the weather turns cold with a navy fluffy jumper, a white collar, loafers, a top knot and dark lips. Although every I buy a new dress this is what I tell myself - I'll wear it allllll the time, I promise!  

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend :-) x

21 August, 2013

The flowers of Winter

Headband: Topshop, Top - Primark

I have loooved (that's really liked) the floral headbands that seem to have been the go-to head wear since Lana Del Rey's super duper Born to Die video. I think I have missed the floral headband bus but on my (weekly) trip to Topshop last week I spotted this headband and put in straight in my basket - I didn't really have a basket but you get me..! Being a ma-hoo-sive lover of Downton Abbey and other period dramas I love the old style 1920's hair accessories so I think I am going to wearing this a lot in the Autumn/Winter months to come.

Happy Wednesday!x

19 August, 2013

Primarni Shirt

Shirt-Primark, Skirt-American Apparel, Bag-ASOS, Hat-H&M, Sunglasses-Free with Cosmopolitan, Necklace-Topshop

Today's outfit is a simple one - when all else fails I wack on a shirt and a skirt. This shirt is from Primark and has tiny white flowers on it which I quite like - Primark is in good shape at the moment. I like pretty much everything in the store but if I buy too much it defeats the object of going in to spend as little as possible - it's one of those big dilemmas in life.

Hope you had a lovely Monday!

17 August, 2013

Bling up your grey t-shirt

Top: H&M, Gems - JosyRose

If, like me, you go into a shop and fall in love with a top but can't quite bring yourself to part with your money then hopefully this post will encourage you to save a few pennies and get DIY-ing! Rather than spending just under £20 on a similar gemmed top I trotted along to H&M and picked up a plain grey tank top for £3.99. I then went on-the-line and purchased lots of gems from JosyRose.com. Admittedly I went way overboard when purchasing the gems - you don't have to do that bit! I'm going to have to start adding gems to lots of plain pieces of clothing - I think I am going to sew oversized gems sporadically over my grey woolly hat ready for the cold weather - shouldn't be long now! Better go and get gemming :)

Have a grrr-rrreeat Saturday.

Lots of Love,

Tony the Tiger

15 August, 2013

White Queenie

10.Necklace , 11.Hair Band, 12.Ring, 13.Ring

As always, the world starts watching a TV programme then when it's old news,  I start watching it. Last week I became obsessed with the White Queen and watched 9 in a short space of time. It's bad, I know! The costumes are amazing and, like Downton Abbey, whilst watching it I began to think of possible ways to incorporate period drama costumes into my wardrobe - it's a hard one but I think the only way is to buy all the amazing jewellery in Topshop :-) The picture above is my fave Dolce and Gabanna advert which was promptly torn out of Elle magazine and stuck on my wall.

Thank the White Queen it's nearly Friday!

Lots of Love.

06 August, 2013

Topshop Jumpsuit

Playsuit: Topshop, Bag: River Island, Bracelet: New Look, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmopolitan, Shoes: Monsoon

This is the outfit I ended up wearing to a friends wedding last weekend. I was super duper excited to wear it since I have been wanting this jumpsuit for a good ol' while now. It went out of stock before I could get my hands on it. I 'ummmm-d' and 'ahhhh-d' about it (for a lotta moneyz) on Ebay. Then, on a lovely summers day it appeared in the 'other items you may like' bar on the Topshop website - I ordered it to my local store just in time for the wedding. An interesting story for you there! I can't find this playsuit on the Topshop website anymore but there are some still some good'uns there!

Lots of Love! 

04 August, 2013

Cut Out Dress

Dress & Boots: Topshop, Sunglasses: H&M, Bag: ASOS 

This ol' dress is from Topshop last year (sale, obs). I saw a friend looking bloody gorgeous in it and had to have it! I didn't realise at the time that I had purchased the Petite version - now I do. It's quite (read:VERY) short but with some very black tights it's just about a-okay! Since this dress is no longer available in stores I have collated a selection of dresses from Missguided of which I love just as much. This is a kind of if I could buy, I would buy list.

Hope you had a great weekend. 

Lots of Lave! 

02 August, 2013

Urban Outfitters Sale Rail

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: River Island, Hat: H&M, Bag: Charity Shop, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmopolitan

I'm sure it has been the hottest day ever in my life ever ever! In this heat I seem to only be able to wear floaty dresses. Work outfit options are limited as I only allow things that don't touch my skin - I attempted to get my River Island disco dupes on earlier - they weren't going on! I bought this dress from Urban Outfitters Sale for £5 which I thought was pretty amazing. The midi rings that I bought at the same time were twice the price of the dress - it's a crazy ol' world out there.

Hope you have the best weekend!
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