21 September, 2013


1. Red Dress: Topshop, White Shoes: Topshop 2.Patterned Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes H&M 3.Shirt: Charity Shop, Skirt & Top: Primark, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmopolitan

Florence is one of those places I had always wanted to visit so last week when we boarded the plane at Gatwick for Florence I was tres excited. The city didn't disappoint. Almost every single building is beautiful - which would explain the gazillion pictures I took. 

The oldest bridge is lined with gold shops because Ferdinand I decreed in 1593 that only jewellers and goldsmiths were to have shops on the bridge  - who doesn't love a picturesque bridge lined with gold?! With this oldest bridge dating back to 1345 the city is engulfed in history with every building/shop/corner having a story to tell. Being a ma-hoo-sive history geek, I was in heaven.  In between museums, the Palace and a costume exhibition (which was uh-mazing) I took a lot of pictures! Outfit wise - I stuck to comfy, flat shoes and loose dresses since it was super hot - well, I thought it was! 

Ciao Bella x

18 September, 2013

Lace look playsuit

Playsuit: ASOS, Bag & Earrings: Primark, T-Shirt & Boots: Topshop

Hi there! Remember me - turns out I'm a very part time blogger. Maybe part-time would be pushing it - it's more like I'm on a zero hour contract so it's a bonus if I decide to show my face. I returned from Florence last week and then have spent the rest of last week and this week reading London Fashion Week related blog posts - it's a hard ol' life.

If you've got any London Fashion Week related post I would love to see them :)

Lotsa Lave x


11 September, 2013

Loco Kimono

Shirt: Charity Shop, Bag: Primark, Boots & Skirt: Topshop, Black T-Shirt: H&M, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmopolitan

Another day, another trip to a charity shop. I purchased this shirt and since I can't afford a Kimono at the moment I have decided to substitute my want for a Kimono with an oversized shirt. It's a lot cheaper and the Charity Shops are full of them. Everyone is a winner, no?

I have scouted out a few of my favourite shirts from the Oxfam website which is currently virtually stuffed to the top of great shirts, dresses and other lovely things. I want to buy all of the shirts now to wear open with a dress, chunky lace-up boots and hoop-la earrings!

Lots of Love, 

01 September, 2013

Staring at the Stars

It's a hangover for me today....whyyyy, why do I do this?! This is the dress I have worn a--looot (that's a lot) this summer. It wins the title of 'worlds most comfy dress' and is from the brand Staring at the Stars in Urban Outfitters - they've got some nice ol' things on the website here.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend! x
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