27 February, 2014

Blue Lace and Dots

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Jacket: Oasis, Flatforms: Next, Hat: H&M 

I have totally fallen in love with this Urban Outfitters dress. I have taken this with me in my over-stuffed backpack and it is quite likely that by the time you read this I would have worn this every day in the sun since landing in Australia. It's so comfy and easy to wear but it also has cool finishings such as the lace waist band and a small split up the left side of the dress. My friend described it as a cross between a 1920's style dress and a 90's style dress which sounds like the perfect combination to me.

Love, Hannah 

24 February, 2014

#7 Start the week on a high...With Olive and Frank

I recently bought this jumper from Olive and Frank after resisting it for while. I'm glad I finally caved in and purchased it as it's taken the 'Number 1 Jumper' spot in my wardrobe. It's the jumper I am planning to wear on the plane en route to Australia as it gets pretty cold on those things.

I have also linked some Olive and Frank shoes that I have been loving for a good ol' while. I can't justify these for travelling so I have been trying to hold off until I get back. As much as I keep trying to tell myself that maroon brogues will look perfect with a bikini I just can't seem to convince myself!

Happy Monday :-)

Love, Hannah x

21 February, 2014

Gold Kimono

Kimono: ASOS, Shirt & Skirt: Topshop, Hat: H&M, Bag: Charity Shop

This kimono was a sale purchase from ASOS a few weeks ago - another thing that I convinced myself would be perfect for travelling. As much as I am imagining Australia and South-East Asia to be sunny and beautiful all the time I have heard rumours that it can rain and on occasions, be slightly cold. I decided to use this to my advantage and order this lovely, colourful, light-weight kimono from ASOS. Gotta make the best of what we've got and all that.

Love, Hannah x

18 February, 2014

Travel with me.

As you read this I will be a lot of ft. in the air - people normally say how many ft. but I haven't got a clue how high up I'll be. I'm off until May. I will be back for 2 weeks then off again for 6 weeks until July. I'm going to do my best to post adventure/style *or lack of* updates as I go around and I have scheduled a few posts for the next few weeks. Please stop by :-) 

Have a lovely week. 

Love, Hannah x

17 February, 2014

#6 Start the week on a high...With gold

Gold Skirt: Hand Made, Shirt & Tights: Topshop

Since Christmas I have noticed a severe lack of gold, silver and all that glitters in my life. Last weekend in the midst of my severe hangover shivers I spotted these patterned tights speckled with gold and silver. They reminded me of the Saint Laurent crystal tights which are around £700. These were £1 in the Topshop sale so I saved myself £699 which I can now justify spending on dresses and shoes. 

Have a lovely Monday. 

Love, Hannah x

09 February, 2014

#5 Start the week on a high...By matching your scarf and lipstick

Scarf & Shirt - Topshop, Jacket - Oasis

I went to Bath on Saturday completely unprepared for the extreme wind with just tights, shorts and a thin coat protecting me from the storm. I was really cold so when I spotted this orangey red scarf in the sale at Topshop I parted with my £5 and wrapped it around me instantly. Next time I go shopping I might just forget my shoes so I just have to buy a new pair.

Happy Monday!

Love, Hannah 

07 February, 2014

Rain and Flowers

Shorts - ASOS, Neck-tie - ASOS, Shirt - Charity Shop (via H&M)

These shorts were purchased for travelling purposes. In 2 weeks I'm off for 4 months for a bit of globe trotting. I was (and still am) on the hunt for shorts that are not denim. I have a on-off relationship with denim shorts - sometimes I love the effortless vibe they give but other times I feel as though my pair are wa-hay to short and resemble a denim nappy. I won't be packing them in my already overflowing backpack as they're not comfy and they are totally inappropriate to wear without the thickest of tights. This lovely flowery pair are from ASOS. I also purchased the neck-tie - another travelling essential.

Happy Friday!

Love, Hannah x


05 February, 2014

I love new clothes

Kimono, Boots,Top, Skirt & Ring - Topshop, Faux Fur - ASOS

The pictures that didn't make this post should never grace the Internet. These pictures were taken last Saturday at a time when wind, kimono's and faux-fur do not mix well. I rocked up at Westfield with hair in desperate need of a tangle teezer and a mouth fur of pink faux-fur. A few of my Christmas presents are featured here including this ah-mazing kimono and beautiful necklace which seem to match perfectly. Not going to let a little (lotta) wind get in the way of wearing my new kimono and necklace combo :-)

Hope you're having a lovely week. Over the mid-week hill now, rolling on to Friday!

Love, Hannah

02 February, 2014

#4 Start the week on a high...In your Monday best

Kimono & Neck-Tie: ASOS, Shirt: H&M (via a Car-Boot Sale), Lipstick - Rimmel Apocalips (Big Bang)

Sunday used to be a day to don your best clothing i.e. 'Sunday Best'. This is the case for me anymore - Sunday is usually made up of only slouchy clothes and minimal make-up. This is not a good look for moi - it's not something I can pull off effortlessly so I rarely leave the house on Sundays. As a little pick me up on Monday's I have decided to start wearing my smartest/best clothing - meet my 'Monday Best'. Today it's consisting of a kimono and neck-tie from ASOS. The Kimono was it the sale which will put even more of a smile on my face today as I step out to face Monday morning.

Have a great Monday!

Love, Hannah x
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