30 May, 2014

Back to Black

Urban Outfitters, Hat - H&M, Jacket - Oasis, Boots - Schuh

Black is my new favourite colour. If I could wear a floor length black dress with an over-the-top veil everyday then I seriously would consider. Rather than being quite so dramatic in my everyday wear I have toned it down a notch with these two black dresses from the Urban Outfitters sale. 

24 May, 2014

Ticket to Anywhere: Some Easy DIY

'Ticket to Anywhere' top - Handmade

With summer fast approaching, festival fashion becomes a topic of conversation. The great thing about summer/festival fashion is that it usually doesn't involve much material and hence, fashion DIY's can be easy. I made this top whilst watching a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey (I'm an addict). It was super easy, quick, cheap and no-one else will have it.  Please read more to find out how I did this and if you have any fashion DIY ideas/posts let me know as I would love to complete some more mini sewing projects.


- Material*
- Elastic**
- Pins
- Tape Measure
- Scissors
- Thread & Needle
- Knitting Needle 
- Selotape
- Sewing Machine (Optional)

*I used a non-stretchy, heavy cotton material but any non-stretchy fabric will be fine. This material is called 'Ticket to Anywhere'. I used 110cm*30cm.

** I used approx.160cm of elastic.


1. Get all the ingredients ready. The amount of fabric and elastic needed depend on the size you want your top to be (explained in part 3).
2. Measure the amount of elastic needed and cut two pieces. I measured my diameter about 1 inch below my under arm for the upper piece of elastic and a few inches above my waist for the lower piece. If your stretch the elastic round to get the length of elastic needed them add 3cm for a 1.5cm hem allowance either side. The two elastic pieces I used were 82cm and 74cm. 3. Next, it is time to cut the fabric. Measure around the widest diameter needed for the top and add 9cm either side so the top puffs out i.e. so it's not a tight boobtube (that's probably not the most technical term...). Add 3cm either side for the seam allowance. The length of my fabric was 110cm (86cm needed + 18cm so it's not skin tight + 6cm seam allowance). 

For the width of the fabric measure from the upper piece of elastic is (1 inch below the under arm) to the lower piece of elastic (a few inches above the waist). Add 12cm (6cm either side) for the hem allowance and additional fabric so it is not skin tight. The width of my fabric was 30cm (18cm needed + 12cm for additional fabric and hem allowance). 
4. Hem the length of your fabric on both sides so it doesn't fray. 5. Take your piece of elastic and place it on the inside of the hem. Fold the hem over the elastic and pin.Take the piece of elastic out of this new larger hem - it will be used later. 
6. 6. Sew down the new hem. Repeat on both lengths of the material.7. Repeat this on the opposite side of the fabric as shown below.
8. Selotape the top of the elastic to the end of the knitting needle***. Push the needle through the larger hem you have just created. Hold the free end of the elastic as you push the needle through and out the opposite end of the hem. Once the needle is through pin and sew the ends of the elastic so they hold. 

***Use plenty of selotape as the elastic sometimes pings off the needle which is quite annoying! 
10. Repeat on the opposite length of the fabric. 
11. Fold fabric in half with the right sides facing. Pin and sew the sides of the top together. Turn the fabric the right way. It is then ready to wear!
I've worn it with a sheer cream shirt and a black skirt today since I looked out the window this morning and it was pouring down with rain but I'm hoping to make shorts in matching material which will be perfect for summer holidays. Let me know if you make this as it would be great to know how it goes. 

Have a great weekend.

Love, Hannah x

22 May, 2014

Optional Wedding Outfit #298

Dress & Boots: Topshop, Bag: H&M

I got this dress from Topshop when I was searching for outfits suitable for a wedding *I bought too many dresses when I was looking for the ONE suitable dress*. I love this one as it's got that co-ord look about it but it's a bit cheaper than having to buy the skirt and top separately. 

19 May, 2014

Vans Fan

Skirt & Top: H&M, Shoes: Vans, Bag: Oxfam

After searching round a lotta lotta shops for an outfit suitable for a wedding I finally found about 15 things in H&M which I loved. This skirt was one of them - it's such a nice shape and I think it will be perfect for 

13 May, 2014

Stripes and Skirts

Skirt, Necklace & Bag: Oxfam, Top: New Look, Shoes: River Island, Sunglasses: H&M 

This skirt another one of my charity shop favourites. I wear it a lot! It's so easy to dress up with a shirt, some Pat Butcher earrings and geek-worthy shoes or to dress down with a slouchy t-shirt. The bag is a new addition but one I have worn a lot already as it just goes with e-verything and it's super soft and lovely. 

07 May, 2014

Take that rage and put it on a page

Coat & Skirt (worn back-to-front): Oxfam, Shoes & Shirt: Topshop, Hat: TK Maxx

I have worn this jacket-skirt combo a good fair few times recently. After spending an excessive amount of time in Charity Shops lately, I have promised myself that I will wear my new purchases as much as I can over the next few weeks.

05 May, 2014

The stars above us, govern our conditions

Dress: Hand Made, Bag: Modulu, Shoes: Topshop

I wore this dress on a trip to Stratford upon Avon and was pleasantly surprised to find that it doesn't fall apart when I wear it. 
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