29 June, 2014

8th of June


28 June, 2014

7th of June


27 June, 2014

6th of June


25 June, 2014

5th of June


23 June, 2014

4th of June

Skirt: H&M, T-Shirt: New Look, Shoes: Topshop

19 June, 2014

3rd of June

   Dress: Vintage, Shoes, Bag & Belt: Topshop

    I spotted this dress in a vintage shop in Noosa (Australia). It was a love at first sight thing and I thought it would 
    be perfect for when I have a tan - the whole 2 weeks of the year. I'm not one to usually like matchy-matchy things
    but when I brought this bag in Topshop I just liked how it looked with the dress - even though I am verging 5 year
    old girl on her way to school territory.

    Hope you've had a good week.

    Love, Hannah x

16 June, 2014

2nd of June

Playsuit: Cotton On (Australia), T-Shirt: New Look, Trainers: New Balance, Sunglasses: H&M 

I'm back from holiday now so I am ready to start posting my June challenge - I will not buy new clothes. I will not buy new clothes. I will not buy new clothes. I am going to make-do with my current wardrobe and I am going to try and wear a different outfit each day rather than getting stuck in a style rut and wearing the same clothes for a few days (read: month). Here's what I wore on the 2nd of June - I was in Turkey where the temperature was less changeable than the UK so a wooly, cropped jumper might need to be shoved into your backpack for the UK version of this outfit. 

Love, Hannah x

06 June, 2014


Dress - Vintage

This post is a little late since it's now the 6th of June. At the beginning of June I decided that each day throughout June I was just going to take a few pictures of my outfit. I find myself wearing the same outfits a lot and since I have purchased a few (to many) things from charity shops, vintage shops and all other things shop lately I wanted to make sure that I wear them all as well as discovering old favourites. Since I am on holiday for a week now I won't be uploading the images until I get back but hopefully in the process I will delve deep into my wardrobe and create new outfits rather than buying anything else - we can only hope!

Have a great week.

Love, Hannah x
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