23 December, 2014

A dress from the British Heart Foundation

Dress: The British Heart Foundation Charity Shop, Shoes: Modalu, Tights: Accessorize, Shoes: Dr Martens (via eBay)

The other week I was staying in Southampton at my Sister's. She mentioned that there were some charity shops down the road (Portswood Road if ya know the area). I thought I would take a little wander to the area since I was trying to avoid the ma-hoo-sive shopping centre as I am (desperately) trying to save my money. I went into the first charity shop I stumbled across, purchased this dress and walked straight back to my Sister's house as I felt a spending splurge brewing. Although I broke my (short-lived) spending ban with this dress I am very happy with it. I love the length, colours, shape and the fact that it has pockets. Big pocket fan - I am :) I am looking forward to wearing this dress a lot and believe it will feature prominently in my wardrobe. I'm going to pair it with my leather jacket, my faux fur jacket, faux fur stole and lots more. By purchasing this dress I also donated to the British Heart Foundation - a wonderful charity. Can you hear me justifying my purchase of this dress?

Love, Hannah x


20 December, 2014

Round-Up: The Outtakes

As the year draws to a close I thought I would do a few 'Round-Up' style posts. I am going to split these posts into 4 sections starting with most horrendous - 'The Outtakes'. My pictures are mostly taken by my Boyfriend and my Mum - bless em'. Since I am not the most photogenic gal in the world there are some seriously questionable pictures coming from each blogging photo session and I do sometimes I wonder why they don't just put down the camera and say 'No more pictures - it is too hard and I'm scared of your face'. 

So let's begin - starting with the unexplainable picture above. I cannot tell you what's going on but needless to say it didn't make the cut in that particular blog post. And on we go...

 Looking like a laughing animal of some sort.

 Not quite the swooshing hair effect I was after. 


 This was my 'I just dyed my hair grey and I'm really happy about it' face...I actually liked this colour hair and hope to get it re-done in the New Year!

Just having a quick cry between pictures...

The hair sticking to my lipstick and going in my eyes look. A classic. 

Before my boyfriend/Mum take my pictures I usually take a few test pictures to check I'm happy with the settings. This was one of those test pictures I took of my boyfriend....

**There are a lot more outtakes like this bunch above but some of them are pretty awful so I don't want to subject horror as it is almost Christmas after all**

15 December, 2014

The Blue Coat

 Coat: Cancer Research, Pink Faux Fur: ASOS (Similar), Shirt: Oxfam, Playsuit: Cotton On (Australia), Tights: Accessorise, Shoes: Dr Martens (via eBay)

Every year (around November) when I look out my bedroom window in the morning and see the first frost has fallen I begin my hunt for the perfect Winter coat. For the past few years I haven't purchased a new Winter coat and have relied on an ol' Topshop coat. Last week I was wondering along the Ruislip high-street (in West London) which is my kind of high-street as it is an area densely populated with charity shops. As I wondered into the Cancer Research shop I spotted this bright blue coat with a matching skirt. It was advertised more as a suit ensemble but I like them both separately. I'm looking forward to pairing the skirt version of this lovely coat with a casual t-shirt and my new Doc Martens which I purchased from eBay last week. I was super excited when these shoes arrived on my doorstep. I immediately put them on and stomped round the house. Nothing was going to tarnish my love for the shoes - not evan my Brother mentioning that they look like the kind of shoes our Dad would have worn to school in the 70's. You win some, ya lose some :)

Love, Hannah x


10 December, 2014

The Great British Sewing Bee Book

 T-Shirt: Handmade, Skirt: Topshop, Shoes: River Island (similar here), Jacket & Tights: H&M

A few weeks ago my Mum bought me The Great British Sewing Bee book. The book comes with some of the patterns used in the series so all you need is a bit of fabric and you're all good to go.  The day after receiving this much appreciated book I picked up some navy blue material I've had my eye on for a while, put my college work to one side (naughty Hannah) and got sewing. Only 2 pattern pieces are required to make the t-shirt pictured so it only took a few hours to sew the pieces together and add a bit of bias binding around the hem, neckline and arm-holes. I had a bit of material left over so I sewed a tube of fabric and made a matching bow hair-tie (as shown below). 

Hope you're having a great week. 

Love, Hannah x


07 December, 2014

Duster Dupe

Jacket & Shirt: Oxfam,  Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Backpack & Boots: Topshop, Lip Shimmer: Burt's Bees in Rhubarb

Over the past few months I have been loving the duster style coats (ASOS have a beautiful range) so when I spotted this long-line, kimono style jacket in Oxfam I snapped it up instantly. That's the thing I love about charity shopping - you can go in for a little browse and come out with something you've been loving for a good ol' at a fraction of the high-street cost whilst also donating towards a wonderful cause - a win-win situation? I think so. My other charity shop steal was this round collared shirt (another one from Oxfam). 

One of the things I love about charity shopping is that I feel there is more scope to be creative and adventurous with clothing. I don't worry so much about cutting the length of a dress and shortening it  (risqué) or dipping the material in dye in an attempt to change the colour to make it more to my taste (doesn't alwaayyys go according to plan but hey-ho). Sometimes it happens that I love the piece of clothing just as it is which is just as fun too! It might be that soon I don't like the style of the duster coat as much and may shorten this kimono style jacket to wear with shorts, big ol' earrings and red lipstick for a festival next summer. I won't mind making this adjustment because fashion is fun, the way we choose to wear things makes us s'all different and I think that's kind of cool. So next time you're near a charity shop, maybe go in and pick something to make you're own. I promise you - it's a load of fun :)

Happy Sunday :) 

Love, Hannah x


03 December, 2014

A little fashion DIY idea..

After falling very much in love with the pompom shoes in Topshop recently I decided to get DIY-ing and up-cycle a pair of shoes that I haven't worn in a long time. The only ingredients required were an old pair of shoes, PomPoms - I got mine from a kids craft website called Crafty Little Bugs (which I initially read as Crafty Little Buggers...) and this E6000 glue which I purchased when I was making the Summer Tassel Necklace from A Pair and a Spare's beautiful blog. I think I bought the glue online - you can purchase it from Amazon.

I feel as though this blog post is more of a fashion DIY idea rather than a tutorial of some sort as the process is super easy as shown in the pictures below. I put 4 blobs (a technical term there) of the glue onto the shoe, placed the pompom on carefully and pushed on the pompom for a few minutes. Easy peasy I hear you say.

Since the shoes had been spiced up, the first time I wore them I just paired them with skinny jeans and a shirt. I felt as though the humungous pompom on my shoes did the talking. These shoes are a great party alternative if you don't fancy heels - you can just dance all night to the best songs ever and have a merry ol' time. 

Love, Hannah x

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