29 January, 2015

The Best of British

Jumper, Shirt & Bag: Oxfam, Skirt: Urban Outfitters (Similar), Hat: H&M, Shoes: Dr Martens

Last Saturday my boyfriend bought his first car so I played the supporting girlfriend by wearing this jumper when he went to pick it up. All I know about the car is that it is red and looks like the one on this knitted jumper which I excitedly purchased from Oxfam a while back. I think it's a homemade number which makes me love that little bit more! I hadn't realised that this outfit was predominately made up of Oxfam items but with my wardrobe being dominated by charity shop purchases I s'pose this is no surprise. My second blog post as an Oxfam blogger should be up on the Oxfam blog next week.  If you click here you can see my first post :) 

Love, Hannah x

P.S I think I said "Oxfam" a record number of times in this post...


27 January, 2015


Skirt: Buy-Sell-Trade (Notting Hill), Shirt: Oxfam, Jacket: Oasis, Bag: Modalu, Shoes: Dr Martens

Nothing quite like palm trees and crocodiles to brighten up a stormy, woodland afternoon scene in England. This skirt is possibly one of my all time faves but it has not been worn too much as I constantly struggle with what to pair it with. Fairly recently I spotted that Kristabel had paired it with a stripy tee which looked great so I think I'm going to give that a whirl next time I wear it - which will hopefully be soon! In other sartorial news I think I have worn this Oxfam shirt enough times to collate a 100 ways to wear a white shirt. It remains one of my most worn items and I am always checking out the Oxfam website for more pretty collars, snazzy prints and wearable renewable items. Current favourites include this long sheer shirt (kimono double, anyone?) and this long black and gold shirt which I would looove to wear on a night out with super black heels, tights and big old gold earrings :)

Love, Hannah x


25 January, 2015

A Tartan Love Affair

Skirt: Vintage, Jumper: ASOS (Similar), Denim Jacket: Oxfam, Shoes: Dr Martens

I love tartan. I usually have to make a conscious effort to leave a store if I spot any tartan garments as the chances are I will want it - and I won't need it. I will make the effort to leave unless the store happens to contain Simone Rocha's Tartan Dress with Ruffle or the jacket from the same collection with 99% off the RRP. I have so much love for the designer Simone Rocha and if I can ever *crosses fingers* afford designer gear then I will head straight over to Simone Rocha's corner of Net-A-Porter section and take my pick. Oo, it's an exciting prospect! But for now here's a tartan skirt from a vintage store in Brighton :) 

Happy Sunday :)

Love, Hannah x


22 January, 2015

A Cardigan From Cancer Research UK

Cardigan: Cancer Research UK Charity Shop, T-Shirt: ASOS, Shorts: Beyond Retro, Shoes: Dr Martens, Hat: H&M, Tights: Topshop 

A few weeks ago I was doing my routine weekly charity shop scavenge around West London when I spotted this fluffy, cloud-like cardigan. It's really warm so I put it on 5 minutes after leaving the store. I've worn it here with my favourite Beyond Retro leather shorts (they go with evveryyything), an old grey t-shirt and some ripped effect tights from Topshop. I pondered over these tights for a while since they were £8 (oh, the perils of being a student - again) but finally bit the bullet and purchased them. I think the tights make all outfits a little more casual so I have got a lot of wear from them teaming them with everything from oversized t-shirts (super duper comfy) to floaty dresses (I like to look as though I've made an effort - sometimes).

Have you found any charity shop bargains of late? Can you recommend any areas for a good selection of charity shopping - I kinda like them :)

Love, Hannah x


20 January, 2015

The Oxfam Shirt

Pink Faux Fur: ASOS (Similar), Trousers: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: Oxfam, Shoes: Dr Martens, Nail Varnish: Accessorize

Do you know those days when you wake up 5 minutes before your meant to leave, you throw on a combination of clothing and you leave the house not really knowing what your wearing...or where your meant to be that morning...or what your name is? Sometimes, on those days, I look in the mirror around 11am and seriously question what I was thinking (outfit-wise) that particular morning. But on the odd occasion - I like the combination of clothing that I wouldn't have previously thought about throwing together and I start to wear it a lot. This was the case with this outfit. Upon purchasing the pink faux-fur stole I didn't think it would be easily paired with anything other than a leather jacket which is ironic as the only thing I haven't worn it with so far is a leather jacket - and I wear it a lot!

Happy Tuesday :)

Love, Hannah x


18 January, 2015

An Alternative Party Outfit

Oversized T-Shirt: Oxfam, Shoes: Dr Martens, Socks: Topshop

Although I don't go out dancing much these days, I do love a good drink in the local bar which sometimes (inevitably) leads to a dancing session - and a few more Mojitoes. When I do decide it's time to emerge from hibernation and head out I like to wear something comfortable but glittery so it looks as though I've made enough of an effort. Since purchasing these Dr Martens they haven't left my feet so these were the natural choice of footwear for my comfortable (and warm) going out-out outfit. This oversized, sparkly t-shirt from Oxfam is my go-to slouchy dress of choice. It's so comfy and is something that is continuously worn for snazzy nights out - I also like wearing it with my favourite blue boots which I did in this post :) And finally, as a gal only gettin' older, I added a pair of socks for extra warmth!

Love, Hannah x


14 January, 2015

A day in San Francisco (plus a little more)

Over the holidays my family and I travelled across the Atlantic for Christmas in California with some great friends. Our trip consisted of shopping, wine tasting, donuts (a personal highlight...) and lots more. We spent the day in San Francisco so I thought I would compile a little round-up of what we got up too in case you're ever in that area of the big ol' world. As well as listing a few of my San Fran recommendations I have also included a few other stops around California just in case you happen to be travelling a little further a field :) 

San Francisco 

The Tourist Part

Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, CA 94129 

The first obvious stop in San Francisco was the Golden Gate bridge. After taking the obligatory photographs for the holiday scrapbook we travelled over the bridge by car since we were only in San Francisco for one day and there was so much to see/do. You can also cycle over which I think would be fun and is on my list for my next trip...better get saving I s'pose! 

Twin Peaks: 501 Twin Peaks Boulevard, CA 94114

As the night falls the best thing to do is to head up the hills to the Twin Peaks. San Francisco from the hill tops was beautiful in the day - but it was even better at night when lit up. We drove up the hill, parked at one of the designated tourist stops and took pictures of the spectacular view - definitely worth a visit.

The Shopping Part:

Haight: Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 

I have so many pictures of Haight as there was so many cool sights to photograph. From the vintage filled shops to the colourful graffiti - I loved it all. As well as vintage shops, the area around the Haight-Ashbury crossing had a number of shops similar to the Buy-Sell-Trade shops in Nottting Hill. As well as selling vintage, these stores offer current high-street/designer goods which have been traded in so there really is something for everyone here.

Union Square: San Francisco, CA 94108 

Sometimes when I go on holiday I miss the high-street. Pining after the high-street didn't last long in this area. After a good route around the Urban Outfitters sale (50% off sale items, yes please) we headed over the street for my first ever Sephora experience - and I loved it. As well as Urban Outfitters and Sephora, this area is densely populated with favourite high-street shops so is not one to miss if you want a good ol' browse. After all, it's guilt free shopping when you're using monopoly look-a-like money, right?

The Eating Part

Cha Cha Cha: 1801 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

Since we were only in San Francisco for a day trip we only went to one place for lunch but it was a good'un so wanted to include it. If you're into tapas style food washed down with jugs of sangria and you're in the Haight area when your tummy starts to rumble then this is the place for you. Cha Cha Cha had that laid back atmosphere and the food was so tasty (as was the alcohol). It's right in Haight so you can literally stumbled out and carry on shopping - lovely.

Other parts of California

Paso Robles: CA 93446

If you're a wino (kinda like the members of my family) then this area is a good place to head too. Travel south of San Francisco for around 3.5 hours and you will find yourself in Paso Robles - an area known for its abundance of wineries.  As we travelled south the music changed from Pop (Ed Sheeran & Ella Henderson) to Country ('Might as well blame it on the whiskey' being a new favourite lyric of mine). The day after arrival we visited 5 wineries merrily tasting the grapes as we went. We also found time to squeeze in a trip to an Olive Oil tasting session which was my idea of tasting heaven. From truffle salt to spices I've never heard of to tangerine flavoured oil - all taste buds were welcome here. The employees recommended which spices/salts should be eaten with certain oils/vinegars. The thought of this tasting room is making me hungry so I'm just going to sign this section off by saying....YOU HAVE TO STOP HERE!

Premium Outlets: 681 Leavesley Road, Gilroy, CA 95020

If you like a discount (and let's face it - who doesn't?) then this is the place for you. We stopped off at the Gilroy Premium Outlet en route to Los Gatos from Paso Robles but there other outlets around California shown on this map.  From sports such as New Balance and Nike (oh, the trainers) to designer bag shops (one day, one day) as well as high-street stores (All Saints, anyone?) this is the perfect stop off when travelling around California.

I hope this small guide helped out a little if you're planning a trip around California anytime soon. I miss the place already and can't wait to go back - fingers crossed for Christmas in Cali Round Two...

Love, Hannah x

08 January, 2015

2014 Round-Up

As a tradition on this blog is to be a few weeks late for everything I thought it was about time to post my 2014 round-up. I was in California when the clock struck 12 on New Years Eve/Day and I was somewhere over the Atlantic when it turned 2015 in America so I 'celebrated' New Years on the plane with 3 gins and a family size pack of America's answer to mini cheddars - perfect. To mark 2014 over here on Paloma in Disguise I have collated a few outfits from the year splitting the outfits into those I bought from a Charity Shop, High Street and Vintage Goods and Things I Made. Thank you so much for reading my blog in 2014. I wish I could virtually send you a gin and pack of mini-cheddars to say 'ta' but until that is possible I will just leave you with a round-up of my outfits :)

The Charity Shop Part

This is my favourite part of the my 2014 round-up. I have always loved shopping in Charity Shops and that didn't change throughout 2014. The feeling of walking out of a charity shop with an item you love for an unbeatable price is too good to miss. As I was collecting these images I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the outfits featured on this blog have contained at least one item of clothing from a Charity Shop.

The High Street and Vintage Part

Although I love a good Charity Shop, I will always have a special place in my heart for the British high-street (and ASOS)! From Topshop to H&M to Urban Outfitters - love 'em all. I haven't actually bought as many clothes from my favourite high-street shops this year for two reasons. The first reason is that I quit my job and went back to college (although student discount has been a perk). The second reason is that I had a massive clear out of my wardrobe and didn't want to buy lots of clothes. Throughout 2014 I made a conscious effort to buy less and re-use more. In June didn't buy any new clothes and took a picture of my outfit every day. I found new ways to wear clothes and it was actually pretty fun trying to be a bit more creative with my outfits.

The Things I Made

At the beginning of the year (in this post) I set out with the aim of making and amending clothes. When putting together these images I realised I haven't actually made as much as I'd hoped but I have amended a fair few charity shop items to  fit my size. I hope to continue making clothes throughout 2015 but since I am at college currently studying womenswear from 1750-1780 I doubt these clothes will be too modern and may not feature on this blog! I will just have to think of somewhere else to wear an 18th century sack-back dress complete with a petticoat and panniers - that's gunna take some thinking! If it doesn't turn out as I hope I could always wear it for Halloween 2015 I s'pose...

Thanks again for reading and I hope you've had a wonderful New Year so far.

Love, Hannah x
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