26 February, 2015

That Almost 70's Show

Shirt & Bag: Oxfam, Skirt: Urban Outfitters (Similar), Hat: H&M

This is the shirt from my 5 Minute DIY post last week. I am pleased I finally cut the length of the shirt to a length better suited to my short body as I have already worn it more since cutting it than I had in the few years I've had it. I should learn my lesson - if I'm not wearing something in my wardrobe either sort it out with a little DIY-ing or take it down to the nearest charity shop! 

I'm loving all things 70's and there are so many items on the high-street (and in the vintage shops) that I am lo-hoving (that's liking a lot) these Over the Knee boots from Missguided and these Daisy Print Flares from ASOS but as I'm a gal on a serious budget right now I had to delve into my wardrobe and work with what I've got. I went with this flared cord skirt from the Urban Renewal section of Urban Outfitters and although this isn't on the website I have seen it in stores lately. Now, I'm off to put all the flares/inappropriately high platform boots I can find on the ol' inter-web in my pretend basket. 

Love, Hannah x


24 February, 2015

Silk and Grey Skies

Dress: ASOS, Jacket: Oasis, Bag: Modalu, Boots: New Look 

This dress was the final item I picked out on ASOS after winning some vouchers in a competition run by Zoe. Not only was I so excited as I am a huge fan of her blog (some seriously good daily posts over there) but also because it meant I could totally justify my spending on ASOS (I think it's possibly the first thing I have won - ever). First piece I chose was the playsuit with the flared sleeves, then I went for the dress I have already worn on numerous occasions and then I chose this dress (pictured) after seeing and loving it on I Want You To Know's blog. I'm looking forward to wearing it sans tights when the weather warms up (can you imagine) with my favourite blue boots but for now it's tights, big ol' rain-proof boots and my leather jacket. This is probably the poshest dress I own so I'm going to have to limit my usual coffee, curry and tomato ketchup intake when wearing this one :) 

Love, Hannah x


22 February, 2015

Le Kilt Wannabee

 Skirt & Bag: Oxfam, T-Shirt: New Look, Shoes: Dr Martens, Jacket: Oasis

Twice a year I follow social media a little more closely for the week. It's those weeks in February and September in which everyone fash'un is out in force and surrounding Somerset House. There are so many beautiful pictures taking over my Instagram feed at the moment and I just want all the quirky but wonderful outfits heading down the runway. Style Bubble recently posted about three young designers Hannah Weiland (Shrimps), Molly Goddard and Samantha McCoach (Le Kilt). Ever since reading this post I have been Googling and ogling all things faux fur, tulle dresses and patchwork tartan. As a gal on serious a budget I haven't been able to mentally put any of the faux fur/tulle dress/Le Kilt items in my basket so when I spotted this checked number in Oxfam for just £4 I put it in my real basket! This skirt satisfied my craving for something new (for me) and tartan-like :) 

Happy Sunday! 

Love, Hannah x


19 February, 2015

The Green Room

Skirt & Bag: Oxfam, T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: Topshop, Shoes: Dr Martens 

I was going to name this post '50 Shades of Green' but I just couldn't bring myself too. Last weekend I don't think I read anything other words (replacing 'Green' with 'Grey') in magazines or on social media that I feel as though I have already seen the film - three times. This post title could also have had Grey in it because that is the only colour of the sky right now - and has been for the past few months making it almost impossible to take pictures for this blog. Yesterday I spotted a bit of sun so when out and about I got my Mum to snap a few pictures - thanks Mum :)

I wore my go-to Oxfam skirt. I thought this wouldn't go with too much when I bought it (for around £3!) but I seem to wear it a lot! From smart jumpers and shirts to scruffy ol' band tee's the skirt is more versatile than I first thought :) The t-shirt is from the Urban Renewal section of Urban Outfitters  and although it's not on their website, I have seen it in stores recently. It also comes in gold and pink which I'm trying to resist adding to my wardrobe!

Happy Thursday.

Love, Hannah x


17 February, 2015

Reclaimed Vintage: Round 2

Dress: ASOS (IN SALE!), Shirt: Oxfam, Shoes: Dr Martens, Jacket: Oasis, Bag: Modalu

About 2 weeks ago (in this post) I stated that I would have to be careful that this dress didn't make up 9 out of 10 of my next outfit posts because it was so darn comfortable. Well, here it is again - I couldn't resist it. I travel up to London weekly for my college course so I am constantly looking for easy-peasy ways to pack light which is why this dress is handy - I can squash it into my backpack and wear it with a shirt underneath for a little variation. 

I wore this dress last weekend when mooching around London. First stop was Ikea - exciting. Next was a whole lotta lunch and the third stop was the theatre to see Matilda which I would very much recommend. I came out the theatre singing along to the songs ('My Mummy says I'm a miracle' being a personal favourite) and wishing that my school had used chocolate cake eating as punishment - my dog would have eaten my homework a whole lot more times had this been the case. 

Love, Hannah x


15 February, 2015

A 5 Minute DIY: The Denim Shirt

Shirt & Scarf: Oxfam

Speaking about those second-hand shops again. I bought this shirt from Oxfam (originally Zara) a while back. Whilst I love a denim shirt, I didn't wear that one a tremendous amount as it was a little too long for short ol' me. After hanging in my wardrobe for some months (possibly years!?) I got it out and cut some of the length off. I then pulled random threads out around the bottom to give that frayed effect. I think it is going to get a lot more wear now. I love a quick and easy fashion DIY. I  feel as thought I have a new shirt and very little work was required - unless you call getting up off the sofa to get the scissors work. To finish the look off I wore black jeans, Dr Martens and my Oxfam scarf worn as a headband. 

Have you got any minimal effort fashion DIY recommendations? 

Love, Hannah x


13 February, 2015

The Oxfam Midi Skirt

Skirt & Shirt: Oxfam, Jumper: M&S (Similar), Lip Stain: Sephora, Rings: Topshop & Pandora

Last week I completed my second post for Oxfam (over here if ya missed it). I decided to write about the topic of my favourite shirt which I am wearing in these pictures (surprise). I thought this week I would post about my most worn thrifted skirt. It's this colourful one which I bought from Oxfam a good ol' age ago. It wasn't my size originally but I adjusted the waist band slightly and it has been at the forefront of my wardrobe ever since. It has featured on this blog on numerous occasions (here, here & here just to name a few). On my usual charity shop sessions I always stumble across amazing midi skirts and have to stop myself buying them as I already have a good few in my wardrobe. However, this didn't stop me from browsing the skirt section Oxfam website earlier (no self control over here..) and I spotted a few that I think would look wonderful in my wardrobe. There is a tartan knee length number (here) and a gold sequin beauty (here) because if it's good for Alexa Chung then it's good for me :) 

Love, Hannah x


08 February, 2015

Reclaimed Vintage

Dress: ASOS, Lipstick: Sephora, Nail Varnish: Barry M

This is the second dress of my recent ASOS purchase. Another one that can be thrown on with a pair of Dr Martens - no effort required. It was one of those purchases that I pulled it out the (shiny and new) ASOS packaging, put it straight on and wore it for a good few days. As well as meeting my usual 'needs to be comfortable' criteria, it also works with a shirt underneath, is leather jacket friendly and I can pile on with necklaces, earrings and rings. I'll have to make a real effort to ensure this dress doesn't make up 9 out of 10 of my next outfit posts.

Hope you've had a good ol' weekend. I spent mine at school - but not that boring old school. I did a Ballet Bodice making course at Morley College. If you're into sewing, fashion or costume making and are in (or around) the London area then I can definitely recommend this college as it has so many courses to offer. From Clothes Making for Beginners to Contemporary Millinery (Amazeballs) there is something for everyone!

Love, Hannah x


05 February, 2015

That 70's Sleeve

Playsuit: ASOS 

Here I am dipping my toes into that 70's trend. I am a huge fan of all things 70's at the moment and I am looking forward to finding the perfect pair of flares. I'm loving this ASOS pair but if I bought them it would be one of those purchases where I would have to buy a new top, shoes, jewellery etc as they don't go with anything in my current wardrobe. I love that ASOS have paired them with a crochet top and Birkenstocks but I might hold off on the whole sandal thing whilst there is still snow on the ground. In the meantime I'm going to stick with this comfy playsuit, tights and my Dr Martens - with a coat, a scarf, gloves, a hat, thermal socks, snood, heated hand warmers...

Love, Hannah x


03 February, 2015

The Usual

Shirt: Beyond Retro, Skirt: Urban Outfitters (Vintage Renewal), Bag: Oxfam, Shoes: Dr Martens, Tights & Hat: H&M

I've been pretty busy lately. When I'm busy I tend to throw on a combination of my favourite items and head out the door. My favourite items include this Beyond Retro shirt (already photographed for this blog here and here) and my go-to Urban Outfitters skirt - it goes with e-v-erything. More recently my Dr Martens have become the shoe part of my go-to outfit - so much so, that when I was browsing on ASOS I only put Dr Marten friendly items in my 'Saved' section. If a dress can't be worn with Dr Marten's then chances are that I ain't gunna wear it. 

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Hannah x

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