15 February, 2015

A 5 Minute DIY: The Denim Shirt

Shirt & Scarf: Oxfam

Speaking about those second-hand shops again. I bought this shirt from Oxfam (originally Zara) a while back. Whilst I love a denim shirt, I didn't wear that one a tremendous amount as it was a little too long for short ol' me. After hanging in my wardrobe for some months (possibly years!?) I got it out and cut some of the length off. I then pulled random threads out around the bottom to give that frayed effect. I think it is going to get a lot more wear now. I love a quick and easy fashion DIY. I  feel as thought I have a new shirt and very little work was required - unless you call getting up off the sofa to get the scissors work. To finish the look off I wore black jeans, Dr Martens and my Oxfam scarf worn as a headband. 

Have you got any minimal effort fashion DIY recommendations? 

Love, Hannah x



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