29 April, 2015

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking

Oxfam Shirt
Oxfam Shirt
Shirt & Bag: Oxfam, Skirt: Urban Outfitters (Similar), Shoes: Dr Martens 

On Sunday I ran the London Marathon (had to slip that in somewhere on my blog!) so this week it is flat, comfy shoes only! Even these Dr Martens are proving a struggle to wear as they seem too heavy for my worn out legs! I have a new found respect for those athletes who run it in such amazing times - how is it that they can run so fast? How is it even possible? I don't think I could sprint 100m at the speed they run the whole marathon! It was such a great day and amazing to see people running for so many great causes. I was running for a charity called Headway, the brain injury association. On the eve of the marathon I attended the Headway pasta party in order to carb up - and carb up I did. I met some wonderful people who were all running for such worthy causes. I posted a picture of my marathon day over on Instagram :) 

In sartorial news I bought this shirt for a few pounds the other week from Oxfam. So far I have layered it over skirts/trousers (as it's oversized) and under dresses for the pinafore look (as I did with my favourite Beyond Retro shirt - here). I love how colourful it is. It will be perfect for summer which is a season hard to imagine since it is currently pouring with rain. My boyfriend and I have just booked a trip to Sri Lanka which is a country I have never visited so if anyone has any recommendations then I would love to hear them - we are clueless :) 

Love, Hannah x

Oxfam Shirt
Oxfam Shirt
Oxfam Shirt

24 April, 2015

Join the Fashion Revolution

Today is Fashion Revolution Day. A day on which Fashion Revolution is hoping to use the 'power of fashion to inspire change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain'. Two years ago to the day the Rana Plaza, a garment factory in Bangladesh which supplied western brands, collapsed. 1,134 lives were lost and many more were broken by life-changing, debilitating injuries. The word 'tragedy' doesn't feel harsh enough, 1,134 is a number too large to comprehend and the knowledge that this disaster wasn't an isolated incident in the garment industry is frightening. Fashion Revolution recognised that something needed to change and subsequently are working to create a 'fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure' - sounds like a bloomin' good idea to me. They are asking for more transparency in the industry so to highlight this they are asking us to raise the question 'Who Made my Clothes?' Put on an item on clothing inside out, tweet a picture of the label asking the relevant brand the question and use the hashtag FashRev to get involved.

Last week I spoke about the article in the Telegraph encouraging us to document our Haulternatives as another way to get involved with Fashion Revolution Day. A haulternative is an alternative haul which highlights ethical fashion. They suggested picking an area of ethical expertise. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I don't claim to be an expert in many things but I do know a little about charity shopping. Since I haven't been on a spending spree for a good ol' while I thought I would share my favourite charity shop purchases over the past year. So here it is - my haulternative. A collection of second-hand finds over the past 12 months.


70's style shirt from Sue Ryder

This 70's style shirt was a bargain at around the £3. With all things flares/floppy hats/burgundy/70's set to be massive this Spring/Summer, this shirt was too good to pass up on. 

Denim shirt & scarf (worn as a headband) both thrifted 

As part as a '5 Minute DIY' post I cut this shirt and left the edges to fray. Best decision I ever made. Since hacking a good few inches off the bottom I have worn with everything from jeans (braving the double denim) to maxi skirts. 

Checked skirt from Oxfam

One of my most worn skirts is the above checked number from Oxfam. Perfect for any occasion with Dr Martens/Band Tee/Scruffy hair for a lazy Sunday (or a 'I can't be assed Monday') and shirt/boots for the more appropriate Monday outfit. 

H&M for Versace skirt from Buy-Sell-Trade in Notting Hill, Tartan midi skirt from Oxfam

When I spotted crocodiles and palm trees in unison on a skirt, I had to have it. Since I couldn't wait until summer to wear summer appropriate clothes I teamed it with the shirt/leather jacket combo to be more suitably prepared for the depths of the English winter.

The grungy tartan midi skirt sits at the forefront of my wardrobe because it can be worn as easily with a slouchy t-shirt as it can be with an ironed shirt and lace-up shoes.

Thrifted floral skirt and studded belt

This skirt is the perfect one for clashing prints. I don't think the print matches much in the way of bags so I like to just go all out there. This is also one of those summer appropriate skirts I have been wearing through winter as I feel the print is too pretty to stay in my wardrobe for 6 months of the year. 

Oversized t-shirt from Oxfam / Green dress from The British Heart Foundation

The green leafy print dress above has been a go-to over the past few months. The feminine style balances the grungy print perfectly - and it goes with my Dr Marten's which makes life a little easier since I wear these pretty much every day! 

The velvet oversized top is the perfect substitute for an evening dress. For an alternative (and incredible comfy) party outfit, I wore this top as a dress with my favourite blue boots. 

Floral Dress from Cancer Research UK

Slightly dressy for me but I love the snazziness (sorry) of the above outfit - I think my Mum was fairly surprised when I floated downstairs with brushed hair and a girly dress. It made a welcome change from my usual unbrushed hair, Dr Martens and tartan skirt assemble. 

Denim dress from Oxfam

Denim seem to be all over the high-sreet since the Alexa Chung for AG Jeans collection so when I spotted this button-up dress in Oxfam I put in my basket faster than you could say 'MINE'. The dress was originally down to my ankles but with little hesitation I grabbed my scissors (after I had bought it!) and cut the length to better suit short ol' me. 

Laura Ashley summer dress from a charity shop 

I didn't wear much else last summer. This dress is so comfy and lightweight. I especially love the colour and felt that it fit as perfectly with boots and socks for Landan Town as it did with sandals for those sunny holidays. 

Dress from Oxfam

My first post of this year consisted of this DIY'd dress from Oxfam. Originally an 80's dress with those big ol' classic sleeves, I cut the length (and the sleeves) off and dyed it to a colour better suited to me. When I first came across this dress in Oxfam I loved elements of it but not all of it. It was a fun challenge keeping the areas of the dress I loved (the low back and the bow) but adjusting the rest of the dress to my taste. Since DIY-ing it remains one of my favourite dresses. 

 Blue Coat from a Cancer Research UK shop

This jacket from Cancer Research UK was initially part of an 80's suit co-ord. After little deliberation I felt that I just couldn't pull the 80's co-ord off so I separated them and this coat became my most worn (and essential) winter items. The colour is perfect and I think I would have had to look in a lot of high-street stores to find a coat I would have liked as much - I'm not even sure if it would have been possible :)

Thank you so much for reading my haulternative and please leave links below if you are getting involved with Fashion Revolution Day as I would love to see what you get up to.

Love, Hannah x

19 April, 2015

And On A Sunday We Wear Oxfam

Skirt & Bag: Oxfam, T-Shirt: H&M, Belt: Topshop Shoes: Dr Martens

Today was another on of those days when I struggled with what to wear in the sun so I wore a winter outfit - minus the tights! It's another one of those posts which is predominately made up of favourite Oxfam items. This skirt has seen me through a lot of 'I don't know what to wear' days. It is so easy to dress up (with a shirt and boots, as I did here) and to dress down (as I wore it today).

Speaking of all things thrifted (as that is my favourite topic), during one of my twitter scrolling sessions the other day I came across an article from the Telegraph. It was about YouTuber's getting ethical with a new type of haul - the 'haulternative'.  The article goes on to mention Fashion Revolution Day which is next Friday.  Friday the 24th of April is a day on which the organisation Fashion Revolution are asking us to ask the question 'Who made my clothes?' On Friday, I will be putting my clothes on back-to-front (on purpose, and not just to celebrate it being Friday) and asking my brand of choice - 'Who made my outfit?' Last year a lot of people got involved including Susie Bubble and Designer Jumble. Designer Jumble are holding an event to mark the occasion again this Friday (all information here). There will be an appearance from Susie Bubble and the chance to pick up some second hand designer items. It sounds bloomin' brilliant. There are so many other ways to get involved on Friday - many of which have been listed in this article from the Telegraph. If you do get involved, let me know as I would love to see what you get up to!

Love, Hannah x


15 April, 2015

The ASOS dress strikes again

Personal Style Blog UK Personal Style Blog UK
Dress: ASOS (Similar), Bag: Oxfam, Shoes: Dr Martens, Lipstick: Sephora

I have already featured this dress a number of times on this blog (here and here) but it's something I wear an awful lot in my day to day life. It's so comfy and perfect for these hotter days. Each year, as the sun starts to come out from behind those grey clouds, I can't for the life of me remember what I have ever worn in the sun. How did I cope last summer? Did I just wear the same thing but just ditch the tights? That's the look I have gone for here - until I unearth some sort of spring/summer outfit combo from my wardrobe I will stick with what I know sans tights! 

In my quest to  discover how anyone/everyone dresses for the sun I have put together a mini spring cover-up guide over on the Oxfam fashion blog which you can check out here if you fancy it :) 

Love, Hannah x

Personal Style Blog UK
Personal Style Blog UK

12 April, 2015

An Oxfam Denim Dress

Oxfam Denim Dress
Denim & Bag: Oxfam, Shoes: New Look 

Ever since that Alexa Chung for AG Jeans collection I have been on the hunt for a denim dress. A few weeks ago I spotted this one in Oxfam. It was longer (almost ankle length on short ol' me) but I hacked of the hem. I was going to neaten the hem (and I still might) but for now I like it a little frayed - wild, I know. I appear to be in love with all things denim and frayed as I also cut my denim shirt and left the hem fraying a few weeks ago (here). There are a few lovely denim dresses on the Oxfam website right now including a Jipata button down number which isn't to dissimilar from my one (if the hem was altered) and a Mink Pink dungaree dress which is next up on my thrifted wish-list. It would look perfect in the summer layered with a stripy t-shirt - like this contrasting Zoe Karssen version! This post has unintentionally turned into an Oxfam wish-list. Now, I'd better get searching for the perfect Tennessee Overall substitute :) 

My next post for Oxfam should be up soon but if you haven't caught up with my previous posts, you can find them here :) 

Happy Sunny Sunday :) 

Love, Hannah x

Oxfam Denim Dress
Oxfam Denim Dress

07 April, 2015

A Shirt from Sue Ryder

Shirt: Sue Ryder, Skirt: Urban Outfitters (Similar), Boots: Topshop (Similar)  

After a few (a lot) too many drinks on Saturday night I was incredibly envious of all the chocolate eggs filling my Instagram feed on Easter Sunday which I wasn't able to eat. I had just about recovered by Monday and managed to get dressed and face the world again. By the afternoon I had more than made up for my lack of Easter Egg eating on Sunday. By tea-time I was ready to accept that I shouldn't eat anymore chocolate until Easter 2016. For such an occasion I thought it was the perfect time to dig out my new Sue Ryder 70's inspired shirt. I love the detailing on this shirt and can't believe it was on the rail in my local Sue Ryder shop for only £3.50! I decided to match my lipstick to the embroidery as it was Easter after all :) 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

Love, Hannah x

UK Charity Shop Blog
UK Charity Shop Blog

03 April, 2015

A Charity Shop Haul

When I was younger I used to go around to my friends houses and would love to look through their wardrobe's to see if they had any new, exciting items. Thankfully, around the same time I realised that asking to route through the wardrobe's of others wasn't normal, Youtube was born. No longer did I have to ask the odd question 'can I look in you wardrobe?' People started sharing their shopping purchases with the world and I had a front row ticket. Fast forward a number of years and here I am, posting my first shopping haul post. It's slightly different since I don't have a Youtube channel and I haven't shopped on the high-street for a good ol' while. After a recent charity shop route around I decided to photograph and post about my new items so you don't have to ask me the awkward wardrobe question - or was that just me?

The Sue Ryder Shirt
Last week I bought this shirt for £3.50. Without hesitation I rushed to the counter and it became mine. I love the 70's look it has about it with the simple maroon decorative embroidery. The small embroidered flowers on the cuffs add a nice touch and I think this will go perfectly with a cord skirt, boots and a shamelessly huge, burgundy floppy fedora - ya know, like they did it in the 70's :)

The Prospect Hospice Nightdress
Since Mollie Goddard's beautiful London Fashion Week show, I have become obsessed with layering pretty, girly dresses over grungy, not so girly ripped jeans and old t-shirts. When I spotted this nightdress in my local charity shop (The Prospect Hospice) I wanted to wear it immediately over the black, scruffy jeans and round neck, black t-shirt that I was wearing at the time. As well as using the dress to 'pretty-fy' my more shabby outfits, I will also be wearing this during the summer on the beach as a cover-up and with the lighter ripped jean/bandeau top combo. Well worth the £3 I parted with. 

The Oxfam Denim Dress
Ever since the photographs of Alexa Chung for AG surfaced, I have been keep an eye out for the perfect denim dress. On a recent trip to Oxfam I spotted this oversized button down denim dress. The dress was almost a maxi dress on me but I hacked off the hem so now it sits above my knees. I have been wearing this most days since purchasing - with everything from the faithful Dr Martens to buckle-up boots, this dress goes with everything!

The British Heart Foundation Shirt 
As a gal forever on the hunt the perfect white shirt, this was an exciting purchase. I love the old, Victorian-esque feel to it. I think it would go perfectly with a pinafore dress - for which I am also on the hunt for. I have had an ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Pinafore Dress in my saved items for a while so now I've found it's perfect partner, I may have to make the purchase :) I think this shirt will slot nicely in my wardrobe an is perfect for my usual uniform of black jeans and a fedora.

Thanks for reading. Have you picked up any exciting charity shop purchases lately?

Love, Hannah x
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