26 June, 2016

Feeling Blue in H&M

30 Wears H&M
30 Wears H&M 1
30 Wears H&M 2
30 Wears H&M 3
Dress: H&M, Shoes: Converse, Shirt & Socks: Topshop 

It's not often I end up purchasing from the ol' high-street these days but occasionally I'll pop into Topshop, H&M or Urban Outfitters so see what's about. A few weeks ago I was searching for a wedding guest dress in H&M when I spotted this midi, be--uu--ty of a dress. Ticking my usual 'is it comfortable?' box, I knew it was the perfect 'wear all summer long' kind of dress which, as a gal who likes to get her money's worth, is a brilliant selling point. 

Having worn this dress all week, yesterday was no different. For a trip to Portobello Market  I wore the dress with my current obsession, glittery socks! Portobello is one of my absolute favourite areas of London at the weekend when the market is in full swing and all that can be heard about the bustling crowd is '3 for a paaaand'. Chuck in a little sunshine and an afternoon cocktail and I'm a pretty happy gal. 

30 Wears H&M 5
30 Wears H&M 6
30 Wears H&M 7
30 Wears H&M 9
30 Wears H&M 10
30 Wears H&M 11

13 June, 2016

Charity Shopping in Fara

Fara 1
Fara 2
T-Shirt: Fara, Dress: Oxfam, Shoes: New Balance (Similar)

After a whole lot of sewing over the past few weeks I ventured to Shepherds Bush last Friday for a bit of a break and a little mooch around Traid. Upon arrival I was thrilled (thrilled being an understatement) to find that all dresses and jackets were £6 whilst all tops, skirts and other bits and bobs were £3! This meant the next hour was spent going through each item of clothing on every single rail. There were so many amazing bits so get yourself down there if you're in the area. On my way back to the tube I stopped off in Fara. After about 2 minutes of browsing I found myself in the changing room with a whole bunch of Zara dresses, vintage-y bits and t-shirts. One of the items I quickly settled on was this orange t-shirt which rang through the till at 75p. It's slouchy, slightly sheer and is perfect for the humidity in London which doesn't seem to be going anywhere. 

Whilst taking these pictures around Notting Hill, a man stopped and asked my boyfriend and I whether we would like to buy his flat saying it came with a key to the private garden. 
It was hard to put into words that I am student wearing a 75p t-shirt so the £1.9 million flat was possibly a little out my price range. But I was pretty chuffed he thought we could be potential buyers..! 

Fara 5
Fara 6
Fara 7

08 June, 2016

Charity Shopping in Ayoka

Skirt: Ayoka, Shirt & Socks: Topshop, Top: H&M, Shoes: Converse

It seems like a fair ol' while ago now but a few Monday's ago I ventured East to Bethnal Green to meet up with Louise of one of my favourite blogs, Pauper to Princess. Louise has a YouTube channel which is also a favourite of mine. As well as travel vlogs, she also shows her thrift finds which I bladdy lave as I'm a little (lotta) nosey when it comes to seeing what others find in charity shops! It's definitely worth having a watch! 

Both being charity shop addicts, when Louise and I met a few weeks ago it was only natural we were going to scour the charity shops for some good ol' bargains. Louise introduced me to a few independent charity shops which were brilliant! First stop was Ayoka, a quirky independent store crammed with treasures. Whilst Louise picked up a few bits including a beaut of a Chanel-esque dress for under a fiver, I picked up this skirt for £3. Being a little busy I thought about pairing it with a simple t-shirt and plain shoes but then I thought nahhh - better to chuck it on with a stripy t-shirt and sparkly socks. It was a wild day...! 

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